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Conflict with externships here

Externships/Internships here are never paid and one question on the final assessment conflicts with this policy as saying some are paid. Also the externship for my students are 16 weeks long. I think some of the questions should be changed to reflect the expectations of our corporation and externship requirements.


You bring up a good point; however, while very rare, some internships can be paid positions (especially if they are long-term). Those positions are rare, so normally intern and externships are unpaid.

Dr. James Willis III

Almost all of the internships that my students do are paid (some are making $22 per hour and get up to $3000 for relocation). It has become very competitive between the employers and the pay seems to be increasing. I have never sent a student to an internship that was unpaid.


This is a good situation for soon-to-be graduates! Companies competing for interns will also be competing for employees, which is a very good thing for everyone involved.

Dr. James Willis III

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