Francisco Melendez

Francisco Melendez

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Right on Mr. Sheldon!

I also enjoy PE's and group work to observe and assess their learning.

My organization uses rubrics as a method of holistic assessment

Agree with Mrs. Angela Zaugg.


My experiences with international students learning English....

Don't make fun of students bad pronunciation, instead help them learn the proper pronunciation.

Correct mistakes, help explain the meaning of words or the use of new words, and allow them to make similiarities with their mother tongue. Some foreign language words are pronounced/written similar to English or have same or very similar meaning.


Embrace all cultures, do some homework if culture/race is new to you, teach everyone as equal. With international students, try your best to help those with difficulties as you will do with others. May require a little effort on your part to understand dialect, accent, tone, and way of learning.

Learning involves accomodating different cultures, methods, activities, and techniques as we all learn in different ways, but contribute to everyones expiriences/learning. 

May have to schedule a good period of time to explain international students the use, applicability, and benefits of these. Be careful that their use don't distract from yout lessons, PE's, etc.

Agree with Mr. Calcasola , Mrs. Anthony, and Mr. Chelsea.

It's important to address students learning styles. Visual learners, auditory learners, reading/writing type learners and kinesthetic learners should all be considered when presenting lessons. The military has used this concept for years.

In my experince, using Multi-modal approach clearly has produced excellent results, specially with international students. In some countries, students are supposed to seat, receive information and only talk when asked. You can see the classroom environment change when you teach a lesson, provide visual aids, PE's, and have students discussions on the lessons taught.

Accesability to required technology to complete courses/lessons.


Special attention for easy use of technology for disabled students and its availability for international students.

Needs of the stakeholders, Communication and feedback by using of student surveys, Placing professional development into the plan.

Collaborative learning help students gain confidence and responsibility from own learning. Leadership skills are important, but some veterans have it and others don't dueto the level of experience gained in the military. Inovation and creativity skills are vital for success. Transferability of learning help develop important competencies and access the quality of people learning experiences.

Start to engage in collaborative learning, encourage inovation and creativity, and use transferability of learning to access those competencies in the classroom environment.

All learners are different. Provide a sence of autonomy by providing opportunities, use of good motivational tools and create an environment were all views are considered will greatly benefit all students/veterans learning alike. It is important to create/develop a class culture environment of acceptance, respect, and participation so every student could have a richer learning experience.


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