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Making sure we are in compliance.

What can make a company to lose their license?

I wonder why, if an employee got their license revoke, the company may at risk to lose their license also?

why were your administrator chosen as administrator of the year 

Why do you think this administrator was awarded the employee of the year?


I plan to stay up to date on laws, policies and procedures.  I plan to keep the latest information on my institute and ask if there is something I do not understand.

It is really important to understand and have in mind everything in this training to develop our skills

How can I become the better Admission director at my institution

They always going to have challenges on our every days lives, but we need to relax and focus on the good thing we need to do and to accomplish. After challenges there is always success. there is no success without challenges

 Many school try to be compliance but they is always something wrong , How to be 100% compliance for CIE?

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