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From what I can tell I lead and manage. Depending on the situation both are equally important to understand and know when to use. 

Different styles of leadership 

How leadership can change the way that we see all around us. The different types of leadership and how we must adapt 

Enjoyed learning about the interactional framework and how all three connect create to impact the environment and the results..

I believe I do both.  I have different areas of strength and weakness for each one, but definitely do both!

I was interested to see that I am primarily a visual learner and also tend to present content in that way. I will be making an effort to incorporate other styles more. I do try to do "appreciative inquiry" a lot in one on ones by focusing on strengths as a means to work on things that need improvement. 

Good leaders often have good manager skills.  I need to find ways to focus more on rewarding and influencing others.

What is the Road Map to leadership


This course helped me to reflect and become more aware of my leadership style so I can become a more effective leader.

In this lesson, I learned that management and leadership are both necessary. Whereas management deals with general oversight, which is certainly important in some aspects, leadership focuses on seeing the bigger picture, moving towards a vision, and helping to transform others.

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