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Participation in the communication is enhance by the instructor having clear guidelines for participating. Instructions must be clear but not too rigid, It must also allows for socialization if it involved discussions between their peers. Central to the tasks it must be on cue and less digress from the topic at hand. The use of rubic allows for continuity in grading process.

Helping student to communicate online is difficult because many factors come to play ie their skill level in computers, their generation aspects, their learning style couple by level of conversation comfort between themselves and others.  Instructors must be agile in providing support and encouragement when needed.

Reply to Judith Jerauld RN's post:  It is also important for students to be civil in their communication and that there must be clear guidelines and consequences for not complying to the rules.

y to Lawrence Bufalino's post:  The formative and the summary allows for feedback in real time and also at the end. This is great because it allows for quick correction to difficult areas of communication.

As an instructor we are tasked with the responsibility of monitoring, guiding and motivation student participation and community involvement. 

As an instructor, it is important for me to understand the generational dynamics of my class and develop a communication style that can be effective for each student. This will require a combination of individual outreach as well as setting a trend for community as a whole. 

Managing online communication requires setting, stating and modeling the conduct that should adhered to. Clear communication and constant monitoring is a must for the instructor of the course.  The instructor is also responsible for motivating and prompting continued discussion as they review and comment on student responses. 

Communication is a key component when it comes to learning. There are a variety of tools that can be used in the online classroom that can enhance communication between the educator and the students. Choosing the appropriate platform and using its related features are vital to achieve this goal. The effectiveness of the online tools used should be gauged regularly by both the educator and the students in order to respond and adapt to the needs of the "classroom" as quickly as possible. 

Blogging can be very useful.  I will look for ways to implement the use of blogs in my classes.

Microblogging can be very useful. I will consider using it, but it will depend on the makeup of the class.

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