Jose Miguel Del Rio Contreras

Jose Miguel Del Rio Contreras

Location: miami, florida


business, marketing, strategy, ia and design


effective communication; creative lesson planning; strategic thinking; innovative teaching methods; collaboration and networking


How important measurement is! I totally agree with the models included in the readings related to measuring participant data. It's impossible to know how to improve without this perspective.

I wouldn't have imagined so many theories behind the different categories of games that can be used to enrich the teaching experience. It seems to me that creating a game from scratch is very challenging.

I really liked the rubric for evaluating games. I think I'm going to consider it very seriously for my courses. I use some different ones for classes, and I think it's an excellent tool for future references.

I've been using simulators, and since the pandemic, I've integrated many online games into my classes, and it's something I truly love. I think one reason I would never stop teaching online is precisely the energy that is achieved with games with the students. It's very rewarding to know that they have pedagogical value, according to so much research

What an interesting module. I loved being able to justify the quality of course elements, including images, videos, and how to improve student engagement and even the connection among students.

What importance does the design of activities have for students, but how important must be the didactic planning work.

In this section of the module, I was particularly struck by the recommendations for synchronous and asynchronous activities. I believe we often place a lot of value on real-time activities when there are many opportunities to make asynchronous activities flexible and relevant in the online classroom. And by the way, I couldn't activate the audio (if there was any) in the image with the PowerPoint and Word logos. I never knew what it was. Sorry.

I have learned at this early stage of the course that some elements I use in class are validated as critically instrumental to improve the quality of instruction. For example, the quality of materials (design) being visually appealing and the materials being engaging and intellectually stimulating for students. It's very reassuring! I dedicate a lot of time to both tasks, and I love that it's so important in online instruction.

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