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good course, really effective in teaching how to commu

A streamlined and intuitive structure is my goal while developing our online course.  I will take student feedback to improve upon the process as it evolves.

I am increasing my online instructor understanding of the Course Management System and course delivery techniques. 

Students may display various behaviors based on their self-image, past experience, and/or the response from peers and the instructor. Best practice is the use the guidelines of the school, along with the grading scheme provided and reiterated to disruptive or commandeering students that discussions will be graded based on these rules. Instructors must develop relationships with students to understand outside interference and other obligations of the students. When these obstacles are understood by the instructor, measures may be taken to assist the student and decrease attrition levels.

Asynchronous discussion forums allow users to read and critically think through their answer to a question, then type their answer and re-read it to ensure that he or she is relating the information intended. This also gives shy users or those with language barriers and slow readers time to reflect on the discussion and what is actually being asked before posting a reply. This, in turn, encourages those users to participate whereas a synchronous discussion may move too quickly and deter those users from participation.

It seems that a biography introducing one's self establishes authority and a biography accompanied with a video or audio and head/shoulder photo also helps to establish a relationship where students feel they "know" about their instructor, about his or her education, experience and overall credentials as well as being able to put a name with a face - a student who feels he or she can put a name with an instructor's face feels more compelled to ask questions based upon the e-learning student/instructor asynchronous relationship. These together helps a student to succeed because the student will gain respect for… >>>

In an e-learning environment, instructors may vary in the way they teach but best practices should be followed when employing techniques and strategies within an online/e-learning environment. This is to ensure all instructors have the same set of guidelines in which to apply the techniques each has learned.

I need to have an understanding of what each student needs and make sure all class information is available for them when needed 

I have been provided the recommended ways to teaching successfully online, how to prepare for teaching, and how to best help students through education.

personalizing feedback is important and help reaching each students learning needs.

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