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I've learned to organize by modules and F2F is not just an online course. Using different strategies to provides student engagement.

Engagement, communication and facilitation are all structure in learning styles.

Organization and communication is important to present content and using LMS properly you must know to organize synchronous and asynchronous teaching. Its to be presented in a way the student can understand course material.  

I've learned that there are many different ways to teach using the proper technology equipment. Depending on the different teaching styles as Authorizator, Facilitator, Demonstrater, Delegator, and Expert.

I learned that being consistent helps students with their understandings and flow of the materials and can reduce student anxiety.

I will build a relationship take the time to be professional and personable with your customers. Get to know them and take note of what they're telling you. Practice good listen skills. 

I learned that student's behavior has a lot to do with their studying and the different type of students the procrastinator, has a lot to do with e-learning.

I learned the difference of verbal and nonverbal studying and learning patterns and the difference of synchronous and asynchronous. 

I learned from this module engaging students and learning and teaching material to students and being supportive for online teaching.

I learned that taking this course you would have to able to navigate system and is another way to be consistent with the students.

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