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That´s very important to have  a great organization related to projecting and overall maintaining  roll guideline in a constant presence and relationship with each student from distance.  

Without a strong structure there is no building in education is the same !!!

I learned how to best utilize this sort of platform for education and how important communication is when you teach in an environment such as online.

We are all at the mercy of our tech. As we all have different abilities to engage; knowing the course content and instructional design is key in delivering the learning objectives. 

Remind students of any time expectations you have for your class and assignment due dates. When possible - write a quick reminder to each student

Is is important to give students the chance to test and demonstrate what they are learning. They get good feedback.

Let the class see who you are and share your background. 

It is best to post an academic and achievement-based bio online to share with the class. also ask each person to model your example. 

Do they help course delivery?

Walking students through the eductional features of the LMS helps them see the big picture

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