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I have learned the importance of student biographies aa well as the synchrony and asynchrony components of teaching.  When these components are met, the student are able to communicate effectively in an online course.  

I learned  about online teaching techniques. The courses the students can view and how they will be able to work at a pace that is comfortable for them. 

Students will push against a structured learning environment. Learn how to identify the behaviour and work with that student so that he/she can participate effectively amongst the e-community

Fostering an open dialouge with the studnets can be helpful. Ask for feedback on what teaching tactics are working and which need revision

Post a brief, informative biography for the students. Utilize my experience to give the students the best learning environment possible

It is Important that I have a mastery of the basic protocol of the module. I must be able to answer any question that may be asked by the e-learner. Interaction with the e-learner is critical to their success

I learned how to identify and deal with different types of students. I will use this information to ensure I am engaging students in ways they will respond to the most. 

I learned why asynchronous communication is used in distance learning and the best way to convey feedback to the students. My objective is to provide positive and timely feedback. 

Of course there are different ways to approach conflicts in the e- learning environment. However, if it is well thought out the instructor will take good measurement to reach out to the students as effectively as possible without letting the other’s learners know. 

The asynchronous discussion online appears positive over all due to the fact that the single will be participating and learning will be more conducive  to the environment.

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