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Keep updated on technology and access for students. Be creative in providing activities.

Student is responsible for their own learning - I am just there as their coach. Engage them in thinking.

I would like to know what  WEB BASED TOOLS FOR INTERACTION others have found successful, especially if it is a course without live lecture or specific times one needs to be present.

Similar to the above comments it reiterated the importance of consistency in every part of the course. Also reinforced that content should be relevant, well paced and add to the understanding of objectives.

I like the recommendations on how to deal with the different types of disruptors during online learning. As a brand new instructor, these types of recommendations are extremely helpful to me.

I learned the difference between synch- and asynch- discussions and when to use them.

I liked the section about posting your biography and commenting personally on the students' biographies as a way to begin building trust with each learner.

I learned how important the structure of the program can be, as well as making sure the students know I am available for support.

Facilitating an active environment where an instructor takes the role of a coach is a refreshing approach towards educational content that emphasizes a hands on experience to let content sink in, and connects back to what I found were the most beneficial ways that I learned during higher ed. Recognizing what responsibilities fall on the shoulders of students during a course helps in understanding the role of a teacher and how to present lessons and activities

As an instructor, you must consider multiple sources for evaluating and improving your courses to truly accomplish creating meaningful courses. 

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