Online enrollment is growing at a rapid rate, as is the technology that supports online instruction.  Instructors need to have strategies that will help them to engage online learners as well as provide them instructional support when needed.  This group is for online educators who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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Guide on the Side | Origin: EL104 | New comment by Kalie Griffy

Feedback to students is very important, but be careful when responding as students take everything that is said literally over online

Projecting Your Presence | Origin: EL102 | New comment by Van Oglesby

Completing this Module has helped me understand the importance of getting to know your students. Helps to not only understand why they are taking the class but to also understand their other interest.

Synchronous versus Asynchronous Learning | Origin: EL104 | New comment by Kalie Griffy

That synchronous learning can be much harder to get set up because of access and all the other components involved. Asynchronous learning is much easier, once the student understands all the...

Online Course Content Transfer | Origin: EL104 | New comment by LeJeanne Harris

Important tips include consistency in formatting and don't overdo the bells and whistles.  

Technology Tools | Origin: EL104 | New comment by Kalie Griffy

I learned that technology can be applied to learning in a variety of ways. Not every technology is conducive to students learning, so by doing an evaluation can help the instructor make changes as...

Guide on the Side | Origin: EL104 | New comment by LeJeanne Harris

I learned the importance of open communication and setting expectations for communication.   

Instructional Delivery | Origin: EL103 | New comment by Thomas Pratt

A well constructed course syllabus is key to a successful online class. You should facilitate proper discussion forums throughout the course to allow for student involvement and interaction. These...

Linear content and feedback | New discussion by Donna Cole

I am having difficulty completely understanding this passage: "If completion of the content is linear, are students locked into a specific time-frame within which to complete a particular compone...

Course Delivery | Origin: EL102 | New comment by Shani Watkins

Both learners and instructors have a responsibility to engage in the learning, ensure timely connection, and to learn how to use the system prior to starting the class.   

adult learner | New comment by MANUEL OSORIA

In this Module 2, I've learned the importance of interact with the students, letting them to know my background and qualification by posting my biography, and motivating them to post there. ...