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Although time management on assignments may take longer than expected, students need to adjust to a new way of preparing. for the online class.  Group projects have good outcomes when you have a rubric.  It is clear how much effort you make on a project because rubric's outline what needs to be included. Additionally, peer review can be utilized early to see what is missing for last minute work.

The importance of online learning is giving and alternative to students in a busy life.  Adult learners especially have it hard to go to a brick-and-mortar environment while trying to improve on one's level of education and training. During the pandemic, I taught high school medical careers and body systems and the students were never used to the learning environment.  Teacher's had to quickly integrate google classroom or canvas to broaden the experience and whether you are on zoom or google meet there is an opportunity to see everyone's face and break out.  I loved to do slam chats on… >>>

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When posting announcements, ensure they are beneficial for the student to move forward successfully in the course.  Make organized postings relevant to the expectations of the course.

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Communication is very important.  It must be accurate and easily understood for the student to follow and participate in the course with ease.

Many of these issues cropped up this last session.  Over-confident students, people who wanted to talk about their religion instead of the coursework, others who procrastinated, or just never finished the work.  Now I have a little more in my toolbox.  

I was surprised to learn that the bulk of the online instruction should be asynchronous.  I would have thought that synchronous was the primary.  I also will spend more time responding to individuals via email, instead of in class.  

Some people might think that they are boasting by telling the students about their credentials, but in reality, they are setting the framework for mutual respect.  Finding various modalities to share professional credentials and learn about each other on the human-to-human level in an online setting is a paradigm shift from the in-person classroom.  

I ask this question, because I have had the privilege of teaching for Educate Online a few years back, and their online tutoring program was amazing.  I wish it was still available.  Students were tested and given a 'prescription' and their learning was tightly scaffolded.  The promise was we could increase their grade level by 1 year in 36 lessons.  If they did, they could keep the computer.  If not, their sessions would be free until they tested one grade level up.  

I learned that the CMS--course management system, like the ones I use, Moodleroom and Schoology, are very multidimensional.  Students and Teachers alike need to familiarize themselves with the role of Learning Support.  What can I do to make sure my students can effectively navigate through the lessons, comply with deadlines, and complete assignments in chronological order.  Poorly designed programs are no more than 'click-click-click' through the information, but well-designed programs have various ways of engaging the learner.  The teacher as 'learning support' has an important role to play, not in just delivering information, but supporting access, and providing timely assessment. 

Critical thinking is a skill that is becoming less and less utilized both in and out of the classroom. Helping students get used to critical thinking so it can become more common for them is a great idea. 

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