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Teaching techniques for online education

I got out of it the different learners and to me that is so interesting to know, as well as the The technology that we would be using the sources that we can get into the different programs it’s gonna be interesting. That’s what I’m excited about. It was a lot I got from that is a lot that I would take with me and use it to help me grow into this hybrid learning.

online learning can be challenging to both students and teachers


I understand that it important for me to first understand the online platform so I can effectively support my students. I’ve learned that my students don’t have to wait on me to get assistance, they have access to online assistance. 

it’s important that we have to communicate with our students and any distraction because we need to email them privately and give them separate assignments to keep them focus

It is important to provide positive feedback to students and our wording is also important to type the right words and tone to student's.


I think it is important to tell your students what our experience is in this industry so the can get to know us better. It will help our students gain a great relationship with them and trust is important to me as well as communication between both.

You need to fully understand each module to check for understanding and ask the right questions related to the topics of each course. 

e learning is a great way for students to learn information at their own paced ,and wherever they would like to be even in the comfort of their own home.


Teaching E learning, I can connect with students one on one, insure they get the information they need and follow up, in writing.


There different types of e-learne 

1. Noisy,



5. Intimidators


each one of these e-learners have they own unique way of learning, you do have to adapt to each learner a make sure they have clear understanding


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