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I learned to try to implent collaborative learning or group based activities every so often can be beneficial.

Just remembering that every class is different whether that is size, personalities, or technology. So being able to adjust my techniques to the needs of each class and taking it into consideration.

Trying to be as prepared as possible is something I took away from this. When the instructor's technology isn't working it can cause so much confusion and can ruin the class time. 

Active learning is anything that the student does in a classroom envirnment other than lecture time. During this time using different techniques and switching it up is a good way to make sure everyone stays engaged and interested.

I found it interesting how much body language has a play in communication. It was also interesting as to the additional step of thinking about potential hidden consequences of your message.

Problem based learning is one of the best ways to get students to drive their own learning and experience. They can work independently and in groups.  Ideas where we take real life situations and delve deeper into how a solution can be formed.  One can draw from their own experiences and use critical thinking to create solutions. Instructors can lead students into various ways to help students like; managing projects and holding leadership roles like you would do in a career. Self-directed learning to solve problems, application and analysis of course content can further one's experience in the class. 

PBL… >>>

Although time management on assignments may take longer than expected, students need to adjust to a new way of preparing. for the online class.  Group projects have good outcomes when you have a rubric.  It is clear how much effort you make on a project because rubric's outline what needs to be included. Additionally, peer review can be utilized early to see what is missing for last minute work.

The importance of online learning is giving and alternative to students in a busy life.  Adult learners especially have it hard to go to a brick-and-mortar environment while trying to improve on one's level of education and training. During the pandemic, I taught high school medical careers and body systems and the students were never used to the learning environment.  Teacher's had to quickly integrate google classroom or canvas to broaden the experience and whether you are on zoom or google meet there is an opportunity to see everyone's face and break out.  I loved to do slam chats on… >>>

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When posting announcements, ensure they are beneficial for the student to move forward successfully in the course.  Make organized postings relevant to the expectations of the course.

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Communication is very important.  It must be accurate and easily understood for the student to follow and participate in the course with ease.

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