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      Sensitivity to the lived experiences of underrepresented students is vital in establishing a successful learning environment. A successful educator must...

Having the expectation that everyone will be like you. 

it's important to set the expectations from the first day of class, getting to know them and them you. Expectations will be easier to managed if set on early in the course. 

I think this was a good course. One thing I noticed though was the suggestions about what to do about tardiness which is actually not an option at my school. I also thought...

I learned the 4 types of classroom management and what they imply for the class overall. Very interesting material.

I like to do ice breakers with my students and they usually enjoy them as well. I have the students put themselves in the alphabetical order. This requires them to introduce...

It is okay to make mistakes as long as it is not consistently. 

Take notes on mistakes and how you solved them so you can improve yourself the next time.

Everyone is human, listen to the issue, offer a solution, and have them write down their concerns to get a better understanding.

You may need to add a third party to...

There will be these types of students in every class.

However, there are great ways to suggest improvements for inattentive students or ready to quit students.


In this topic I've learned a unique way to learning the student's way of learning and behavior.

Examining their knowledge/brainpower

Noticing how well they're...

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