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Clear due dates clear start and finish of the class

Ice breaker are the point to start a new class

Clear presentation point of the class, ice breakers, syllabus discussion and clarification. Clear set point for grading 

I learned strategies to grasp and hold the student's attention in the syllabus and not bore them with un-needed information.

As a new instructor mistakes are going to happen - laughing at the mistake helps the class see the professor as a human. 

Disruptive students should not be tolerated as it affects other's learning.

When dealing with difficult students it is best to let them know you are aware. If they continue, call out their attention. If this continues talk to them after class. 

Give the students something to look forward to and have them be engaged. Share stories, etc.

Set up your expectations at the beginning of the class and work with students to meet the expections. With regards to assignments, remind stundents constantly so you don't have any surprises at the end.

Instructors cannot overreact because it will make matters worse.  Instructors should note how students react to the instructors' actions.  Focus more on "I" instead of "you."

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