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different types of quizzes

The different types of quizzes and assessments can determine what exactly and how your students are retaining the knowledge that is being taught to them.

Good morning everyone!

As a nursing instructor, here on the Raleigh campus, I have used quizzes for this very reason. This term, I had a student to report me to virgina beach stating that the quizzes were too much to handle and that she thought that they served no purpose. Push back from students who report instructors to the powers that be is a deterent in the classroom. Therefore I give homework assignments instead of quizzes in that class. Any ideas or suggestions.Has anyone else had students to complain? 

I beleave that it should be explained to the student that this is one of the best means to determine just how much the student is learning and quizzes will help indicate the students strong and weak points. Knowing this can only help to provide a better guide line as to providing a better education for that student.

I totally agreed with you. Recently the students that jut took the CST Certification exam were giving different quizes to evaluate their comprehension/understanding, knowledge! they were given "Predictory Tests" to see how many students were prepared to take the real CST National Certification Exam. Just to have an idea of how many students will have a chance to pass it! In conclusion, it was a success!

it was a good strategy to prepare the students better prior to take the real exam! That is all it takes, preparation, preparation!


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