Melody DeMars

Melody DeMars

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I will give the students time to ask questions about any of the assignments and material im covering for that day or term. 

Always be sure to say the right things and dont misrepresent the school and its prograhms


I will make every effort to represent this profession the staff and the programn with integrity and respect and honesty


I will be sure to not misrepresent the school by exagerating and sharing false information or a misrepresentation of carreer and placements.



our conversation should be direct and not exagerated and if we dont have the answers lead them to the proper source to answer the questions they may have



a good reminder of what we are representing and why its important for our profession. being prepared to answer questions students may have or even prospective students coining and checking out the program.



The culture of the school environment for Massage Therapy must be a reflection of the State Medical board standards in order to Produce a healthy Massage professional career and culture in the public.


I will use group activities more often to help the students to be crative and critical thinkers together. working side by side to produce answers to problems.


EQ is important for keeping the class motivated and interested in material being taught


I will make a concious effort to be more aware of my emotions and control my feelings when i have to solve emotional problems i see with others and will try to be more empathic and listen to their opinions and feelings


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