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More efficient

I plan to move forward with more knowledge and efficiency.

Title IX

The training on Title IX, VAWA, and the Cleary Act was very informative and insightful.  As an educator in today's world it is imperative to be informed and alert in areas concerning sexual harassment.  

If you see something or hear something...

Take it seriously and repoti it to your Title IX Coordinator or local Deputy.


As I learn more about the significant power to investigate immediately once informed, my humble opinion would be to report immediatley to the Title IX coordinator any potential allegations in the hopes of providing protection of potential victims. 


To be able to properly utuilize resources is important for students and faculty. This information is needed as we have an ever shifting culture.

Completed required training on Title X, VAWA and Clery Act

I completed the required training on the various topics and found each to be useful to maintain compliance and awareness of each regulation.

Dr. Robert W. Touro

Title 9

Title 9 protections apply to students, employees, applicants for admission and employment, and other persons at person at postsecondary institutions. 

Title IX

Being able to refresh Title IX laws and appropriate ways to handle difficult and sometime high stress siturations is valuable. Knowing the proper procedures and how to make the entire community feel safer is rewarding.


Very informative and better understanding to be able to help students and staff. 

Team Work and Commitment

I will continue to be committed to the values of Ogle. Learning, understand, and improving in all areas of my job. I will apply what I learn in this complaince training to help protect the staff and students. 


Plan of actions is great when everyone is on the same page.

A Safety Shield and Protector

In my opinion, when an incoming freshmen class arrives on campus, the Title IX administrator should use the opportunity, to have when possible, male students attend seminars with their mothers and sisters and the speakers are female students or anyone who has been victims of hostile workforce environment.  My opinion is that it will impress the young men that just like they would like their mother and sister(s) to be treated with respect and equity they need to do the same.  The Title IX Director should encourage the creation of clubs and groups for female students, and any other group… >>>

stay vigilant

Best pratice is to stay vigilant , ask for updated material as laws do change year to year. 

Title IX training

Action Plan for my department is a zero tolerance policy.  We will set the example and lead by example for the company

Title IX

This training was so helpful!  I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open and be available to assist any student, faculty, or staff who may approach me regarding possible issues and/or complaints.

Great list of resources attached to the course.

CM140 Feedback on Training

While I have been familiar with discrimination based on sex, sexual harassment and hostile work environment, over the course of my career, this training session taught me so much more than I thought I already knew.  It is critically important to remain on top of issues with respect to discrimination based on sex and sexual harassment issues, and my take away from this training is that we need to stay vigilant and aware of these situations that can and do occur and to be familiar with Title IX, the Clery Act and VAWA and the protocols and processes with respect… >>>

Helpful information

There is a lot more to title IX then you think and this course really helps identify and explain how and when action is needed. 

Clery's Law

This law requires an institution to notify of incidents of actual or potential violence/sexual violence on campus.  I have seen these notices, and they don't name names, but they do give locations and type of incident.  These notices are an important part of safety precautions protecting VAWA and Title IX rights.

Title IX

Great info,


Will be discussing with title IX coordinator on campus

Review and Renew Exisitng Information

A best practice is to establish a schedule for periodic review of Title IX and VAWA polices to ensure they are up to date, in particular because the U.S. Department of Education has been active in releasing new guidance in this area.