Comment on: Checking in with a Student | originally posted by Cindy Remillard

What I mean by checking in with a student is that, I call them into my office and I find out from them how things are Personally and in school. Are they catching on or having problems, are they feeling good about the course, about themselves, are they learning, having difficulty learning, is there anything I can do to help, etc. Just mere converstation and probing to make sure things are going well or okay in their life and in school and that there are no problems, or if there are what we can do to help resolve them. It really seems to help them to want to stay in school, especially if they feel you genuinely care. If I do come across a problem with them, we talk about it and get it resolved before they get overwhelmed or discouraged enough to quit school. I've had this happen several times where I've called students in that have had problems maybe with other students or even the Instructor and actually were going to quit. Luckily, I was able to speak with both parties together and conquer the issue before it got worse. If for some reason the issue cannot be resolved or I don't feel comfortable with putting the student back in the same class, then I will forward him to the next class. I have actually had to do this periodically, not often though.