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Through this module I have learned a lot about the importance of interactive content as it can be a very important tool for the motivation of students enrolled in an online course. The importance of having a query forum to attend and clear up doubts effectively and how this tool helps the students themselves to support or socialize with each other. I was able to learn about the role of facilitator and how we should be an important factor in motivating active and effective participation among our students.

I have also learned a lot about social participation and how having an approach in a timely manner through different means (Email, Text Message, call, etc.) can be a fundamental factor in having an approach and that the students have the confidence to ask us or pose doubts or problems that they are having at a certain moment.

As the fact of responding in a timely and effective way to the doubts of our students can be an important factor to motivate our students to continue in our course and the feedback also contributes so that they know their points of improvement in each of their activities, the fragmentation of content and activities is one of the aspects that I will work on the most since, as indicated in the module, it is a very important aspect to consider and that I feel will be very helpful to my students


Gustavo Solano

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