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My key takeaway in this module is the importance of being dynamic.
First, a syllabus, since it is important, should be dynamic: it should be designed in such a way that students can have access it. IT should be dynamic across time, as materials may be added, edited, or rearranged throughout the course. Lastly, it must be dynamic through responses to student comments.
After the syllabus, you need to create an online learning community and you must be dynamic here more than ever. Though interacting through content and resources, e-communities are primarily, groups of individuals INTERACTING. Students must establish a sense of belonging and identify a purpose for belonging to the community. As such, they must be dynamic. 
With everything dynamic, as teachers, we must ensure effective communication marked by participation, anonymity, collaboration, realism, giving credit, among others. 
Lastly, because it is dynamic, it should be simple and understandable enough to give students the scaffolds they need to learn.

As a future online teacher, I will surely use this, especially since my approaches are student centric and highly interactive. 

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