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There is another aspect of working with language/writing issues that, working in an urban environment as I do, I encounter on a regular basis: the student who is a native English speaker, but whose spoken language is so far removed from academic, business, (so-called) proper English, that they can, for practical purposes, be considered an English as a Learning Language student.

It could be persuasively argued that, in order to succeed in an academic setting and in (most) professional environments, they will need to learn the English language anew.

The instructor must impart unto them the professional jargon and technical terms of the profession they teach, certainly.

But is it the job of, say, a foundation-level visual communication instructor to get the student to change their very speech patterns, verb conjugations, inflections, and remove much of the slang and many of the idioms that, while common in the sub-culture from which they hail, will very likely impede communication with future clients, vendors, employers and co-workers?

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