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At our graduation programs awards are given to a great number of students. It is amazing to see the smiles on thev faces of students many of which have probably never been recognized before. Communication hits the non-graduating bstudents quickly and they want to know how theycan achieve awards as well.

And the friends and relatives of the award recipients will be telling all of their friends and relatives about the graduate's success. What powerful public relations, Harold! Do you have other ideas that you can implement to improve your school's position in the community?

I agree with you Harold students are so thrilled to receive awards and be recognized for their accomplishments.

Awards serve a purpose for the other students to strive to achieve what peers have. Awards are something that everyone loves to get.

However, in my class I take it one step further and award students for being good team players in the classroom, for voluntering to help another student with tutoring, special awards like this are done in the classroom and are very much a surprise to the student who receives this type of award. They pretty much know what their grades are, but these are from myself and other students.

It is a great thing.

Sounds like a very positive practice, Lillian. What new actions do you plan to improve retention in the next 30 days?

I have to agree, awards is a great incentives to the non graduating students, it makes them want to be reconized. It is somrtimes the only acheivement the are proud of in their life time. it can also make them act as a role model for their kids to stay in school and succeed

Josette, what achievement do you recognize at your school? What new actions in the next 30 days do you plan to implement?

I agree with the rewards system both for academic achievements and professional growth.

Reward systems can be very powerful, Diane. What specific actions do you plan to implement in the next 30 days to enhance their power within your institution?

I also agree that awards are another way of helping to build confidence and self-esteem in our students. I have been to several graduation ceremonies where awards are presented in front of family and friends, it is wonderful.

We just had a meeting yesterday discussing ways we can improve morale with the students and we've decided to select a student of the month from each different class. They will be recognized with a certificate and we are still discussing the final touches on little gifts to give them.

Awards are a great way to build self-confidence and give a sense of pride to students.Alittle reconition goes a long way.

Louisa, can you identify some specific actions related to student awards that you can implement in the next 30 days?

I'm sure the students will appreciate the recognition, Elaine. Anyone else have a program in place?

True, Joanna. What sort of awards do you make to your students? What specific actions do you plan to take in the next 30 days?

We recognize perfect attendance and dress for success. Once a student has obtained these goals they are given incentives such as extra points towards a module or certificate.

We are having an Alumni night here in one of my campuses. I will be suggesting having a small award ceremony at this function honoring some of our successfully working graduates. I hope this will serve as a goal to our current students who will see that if they work hard they to will be recognized. I also believe this will be a wonderful boost to the graduate receiving the awards to keep up the great work.

At several of my campuses graduation ceremonies there are also awards presented by the placement office for completing externship and for securing employment in the field. I have found that the department has been able to utilize our relationship with these graduates to help place other graduates.

Hi Louisa,

Alumni night seems like a great idea.

I would like to suggest that to our DOE's.

I also think its a wonderful idea to give grads the recognition they desreve.

It's also really nice to keep in touch with them.

Hi Loren,

I'm sorry it took so long getting back to you.

That's a great question!Thank you for your interest.

I attempt to reward my students everyday in various ways. I use the best of my imagination to be "positive" with rewards daily.

Positive school enviornment are more effective then negative measures. So when I reward the positive, this encourages others to participate.

It's very important to me that people who take a new path in life become successful with their endeavors.

So to answer your question, the first thing that I did when I took over my current class was to hold class elections. The students nominated their choices. I stayed out of the electoral process,this was for them.

My next major reward is to take my students out to a Medical Museum on the 16TH of this month.

What suggestions do you have for me to enhance their power? I love suggestions and new ideas.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi! Great idea!

What about perfect attendance? I think that encopurages those who are in class everyday.
It also showsc the students that we are aware!

This sounds like a great way to keep graduates engaged with the school, Louisa. Everyone likes to be recognized. Also, having graduates and current students get together can have a very positive influence on your students.

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