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FAFSA has multiple ways to be completed.  It can also be completed by a student long before chosing a college or university to attend.  I'd suggest that students who are interested in attending a college/university to complete the FAFSA 1st.  That way they will have better questions on how those funds will be used and how much those funds will cover of the tuition at their college of choice.  They can also have all C codes resolved and make the entrance into college smoother.

The FAFSA can be completed in many ways, either through paper application or online using the website. This way students can have an idea of what funding will look like before they begin the application processes with schools. 


The FAFSA has multiple ways of being completed. 

There are definitely multiple ways of FAFSA being completed. I really wish some of the annocroynms were spelled out or some definition, having to use a 3rd party to understand everything really slows the course down. 

for the Application Process, I learned that students and parents are able to submit thier FAFSA application through varias ways such as online, in the mail, or over the phone.  students have the option to renew thier FAFSA if they previously completed an application for the prior Award year.  schools also have access to students FAFSA before using school by using the DRN that can be found on the students SAR. 


I have been doing FA for several years, but during this module I learned that if the FAFSA is not signed, that after 14 days it will automatically submit, and the school will receive as rejected. Just shows you can always learn something new! 


I learned that you have to provide over 50 percent of support to claim your independent.

I have learned about the FAFSA application processes 


The FAFSA can not only be completed in many diffirent ways, but also there are more ways of intrcating doing the FAFSA as well. 


There is several ways to apply for FAFSA...apply by phone which is helpful to know. Not all people have a computer or cell phone.


It is good to be able to review those items you may already be doing and this just confirms you are doing it correctly


Application Process Module: There are 5 ways for students to complete the FAFSA and 3 ways to process calculation data for the EFC/Dependency Model.


All the ways of the application process.  


sarah will be independent showing that shew works and she take care herself and her child. 

If sarah's parents continue to provide for her and her child , she will be considered dependent, she have to file with her parents information she still dependent. 


In the application process - I learned that there are several way for the student to complete their FAFSA not only FOTW but also via the App on their phone or tablet or via phone (less favorable option) and via FAA Access with a FA professional assistance. 


There are many ways to complete a FAFSA application. 

The clarification of a student with an unborn child.


Student's have different options to complete their FAFSA.

The fafsa has more then one way to complete it. It also clarifies  ATUDENT WITH UNBORN CHILD