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Create Transparency: Marketing and Disclosures | Origin: CM104

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Compliant Interactions: Acting with Integrity --> Create Transparency: Marketing and Disclosures

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Marketing and disclosures need to follow the same guidelines as every interaction or meeting with prospective students. Anything being displayed and advertised for the school needs to be accurate and not misleading in any way. When giving facts, schools need to make sure they are based on statistics and facts as opposed to approximate guesses. 

When giving information to the students, all information should be the same. Failure to communicate disclosers can cause the place of employment to be at risk and the school can lose their financial aid status. Post graduate employment status needs to be verfied by the auditors/accreditors. Schools can also not adverstise under, "help wanted" or "job opportunity" postings. 


I learned about the Military order for students to re-enter. 

I like that we were able to learn more in detail about protocol for disclosures. 


Being specific and following the information that is in the catalog is the way to assist prospective students to the best of your ability. Especially when sharing the expectatiions ot the program and graduation rates.


One of the most important information I have learned is how to serve our heroes (Militaries) and how important is to disclouse everything that the school use in the marketing process.


Failure to provide or communicate accurate Disclosures will place your employment and institution at risk. Students need to have a clear understanding on the concept of the disclosures to come up with a sound decision in enrolling. 

I have deepen m  knwolledge about the militaries.  Also how important to be transparent and make sure that all information you give  are completely correct and non misleading.

I am appreciating this course, as it refreshes the things I first learned almost 10 yesrs ago.  Some things have tightened up but the one thing that I hadn't remembered was the military piece.  Being clear and concise with any student you speak with is so important - especially when it comes to outcomes.  Parents especially love to know grad rates, placement rates, etc....  


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