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The learning management system should become your go-to source for providing instructor feedback and continuous communication.

It is crucial for student’s success to have a deliberate process in assigning a faculty on course. The course clearly outlines the importance of faculty education, certifications, and industry experience in assigning a course.

It is important to maintain adjunct faculty who are active professionals within their field and it is crucial to assign them to courses that enhance a student's experience and the business community. 

Some faculty are more successful and engaging with certain topics or levels of courses. To optimize the learner experience, there should be thoughtful consideration of faculty assignments.


It is important on post secondary schools to hire faculty or instructors that meets the education, state and program requirements to teach the course. In addition, individual who are actively working in the field and has a big background of experience in the field that they will be teaching can bring in and share a lot of experience that is beneficial on the learning process of the students and at the same time help some of them understand the insdustry better and the expectation after they completed the program.

It is not only important to hire well qualified individuals that meet accreditation requirements, but also to help them maintaim their professional development.


Learning mangaement is very important faculty and if done correctly could benefit the entire school. You have to meet certain standards as well. 


It is neccessary to have a set onboarding process for new instructors just as it is to continue to develop exisiting instructors.


Profesional developent and individual development are very important to mantain high level standards of teching in the online environment. The best combination to have is professional experience and teaching experaince. This will be very enhanced if the needed credentials are there as well.