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The courses will include a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. The OFM will visit the new instructor's class within the first 30 days to provide feedback and coaching. Faculty will have a annual development plan to broaden their online teaching skills and abilities.

Have tools to implement a plan that perpetually maintains an online faculty executing a high level of instructional performanceMotivating instructors with consistent and frequent feedback on their performance is a strong component of laying the foundation for high performance

The course provides a substantive information that focus on monitoring compliance of instructional practices that will promote effective feedback and performance. It is evident in the course that importance of varied evaluation feedback practices such as 30 day evaluation for new hire, quarterly course evaluations, and annual evaluation.

Learning that "Focusing on predictive indicators of positive outcomes is much more likely to provide insights for the improvement of online instruction"  was a great take away for me.  It is easy to dump out data but the focus should be broader quantitative and qualatative to provide quality insight and growth for an instructor.  

Online instruction is an effective way for many courses/subjects. Switching to this mode during the pandemic really put it to the test where it has been uncertain how effective it can be. I feel understanding the LMS is very critical. 


One thing that stands out to me here is the idea of focusing on a faculty member's performance right now. What is happening now is what matters, not how they performed 6 months ago.


We are currently on the process of transitioning from a full on-ground to hybrid or blended program. So far, in regards to faculty performance consideration, it's almost the same as on-ground. There will be some learning curve. Everyone is new including myself so training is very important. Evaluation is next for everyone to know if they are meeting the requirements of an LMS teaching environment. The modification of the teaching environment due to some restrictions during the pandemic helped with the transition to both students and faculty. Everyone had a taste of a remote teaching and learning environment. 


I liked the idea of using your LMS to provide notifications to instructors, administrators, and students.  We do this currently as a communication tool, but I would like to find a way of using it to review instructor behaviors and teaching methods in the course as well as how affective the assignments/activities are helping the students to succed in the course.  Has anyone done this or uses something like this at their college/university?


Regression analysis and scheduling time whether to talking to instructors and admnistrators. Getting the right kind of feedback is all helpful when it comes to making everything run smoothly. 


Both quantitative and qualitative measurements need to be implace with a focus on what made students successful rather than what went wrong.


My biggest takeaway is early intervention. You want to assess the faculty's progress early on in their implementation. As you see areas of improvement, it is critical to relay that information to consistently deliver a high level of education. Giving different types of feedback will help the instructor improve for future courses. 

Monitoring online instruction is very important to achieve high level performance from instructors. Focusing on positive behaviors and providing on time feedback is important to make any corrective actions effectively. 

I learned about the qualitative and quantitative indicators, I think is very useful and should be used in an online stting if not being used already.