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Hiring industry professionals with current workplace experience provides a wealth of knowledge to the classroom experience and makes it more relevant as the students prepare for externship.

As I am hiring faculty, I will consider the "real world" expertise that they will bring to the classroom. I will also consider their level of expertise with the various types of online learning and LMS systems (static versus interaction).

Highlighting faculty qualifications that surpass the generally accepted standards can be one area of market differentiation for an institution i.e. hiring Medical Coding instructors that hold several different types of credentials from both AAPC & AHIMA.

I have learned the importance of utilizing adjunct faculty members to provide current industry standards that can enhance curriculum instruction and development. As a faculty manager, it is important to hire faculty members based on institutional need, educational preparation and experience.

It is important to apply the real word career focussed experience to the classroom at all times.  Therefore hiring current career professionals to teach adjunct provides a well-rounded career-focused experience for students. 

I learned that it is important to hire people with a minimum of 2 years of experience. Another important quality is bringing faculty on board that has real-world experience. 


Having education (AND subsequent support for ongoing faculty development) in addition to the vocational experience greatly reduces the negative impact on student learning outcomes. 


Bringing real-world experience into courses helps bridge the connection between the classroom and the job world. Hiring faculty with industry experience, who can provide this type of engagement, is of tremendous value to learners. 


Adjunct instructors who are current and actively working in the field can share important current information in an online learning education set-up.


I learned that when I interview for new hire, I should take  adeeper look at added qualification. State, institutional policies are important.


I have learned that I not only need to look at education regulations and employment laws of my state but also the state of the instructor (if out of state).


Networking and other job positing sites are important to post there and making sure everything is met with laws of the state. 


I have learned that having a curated online presence is a great resource for networking and recruiting.


Hiring faculty with current work experience in the field is vital to delivering online education. Additionally, adjunct faculty teaching loads should continuously be assessed to ensure that local regulations are being met. 


Hiring uptodate faculty is not always the ideal situation. We will be very lucky if we can have instructors with pasision to teach their knowledge, who know how to teach, and who  are currently working in their industry. When I find those individulas, I know I hit the jackpot. That's the faculty we need.

My experience teaches me to hir instructors with current, real-world experience.  The student experience is much more positive.


It is best practice to hire within your state, aif you are hiring outside your state be most of aware of the education laws, state regulations and accreditation standards.

Hiring within the state of the institution also instructor with knowledge in the field their teaching 

This module dealt with what are the qualifications to choose the faculty. the academic, industry and association qualifications the candidate has is important. Also, the fact that the faculty communicates and makes the assessment is important. We must choose an address or electronic site,