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Implementing Innovation | Origin: ML151

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Implementing Innovation

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Find your champions!

I have several take-aways from this course, but overall I need to use a systematic process to implement new ideas. My favorite quote was " We should learn from our mistakes, but we should also learn from our successes." -Ranjay Gulati.

It really made me think about the innovation process and how working with your team can be helpful to get feedback on how to make the innovation strong.  I like the part about stakeholders and how to create win-wins, and story telling.  I also appreciated the keep trying focus and I loved the videos about Southwest, they are my favorite airline for all of their ionnovative ideas!


It made me think about the reflection process and how important that is as I am working on building my team right now. I was discussing this with my assistant director today and we talked about how easily we reflect on failures and successes -- but how can we ensure the team feel comfortable to do so? I plan to build in reflection to our team meetings as we are beginning to work on tasks that all are involved with various components. I'm hopeful that it will become more natural as we do it more regularly. 


The reflection process really stood out to me.  The idea even of a daily 15-minute reflection would be beneficial when working on a project/innovation, or just in general work.  I also appreciated the thought that innovation does not necessarily have to mean some large scale thing that changes the world - it can be a process that is created to be more efficient in our work, or something simple that improves our work environment.  Very helpful course and information.

This course was very helpful and it gave me a new perspective when it comes to innovation. What struck me the most was the time to reflect as most of you are also pointing out. Another thing too was that a successful project does not get completed by yourself. There are so many components that are beneficial from small local discussions amongst your colleagues but also the stakeholders, customers, management, etc. you can involve in many of the processes. It was mentioned several times that innovation does not need to be something huge and life changing but something small like using other inventions to improve something else. I liked the story about GeoOrbital and how they basically re-invented the wheel. I also liked the comment from the Senior Director of Innovation at Southwest Arilines where she mentioned the airport expereince project felt like many smaller achievements along the way rather the entire project being a big achievement.


As I reflect on the content I feel that the organization I work within, and myself, do parts of the best practices shared, but we do not do a great job of intentionaly connecting the process. I, also, need to be more intentional with reflection. Currently I am not consitent with this practice. I too often find myself running from fire to fire. I need to do a better job of prioritizing and focusing on the task at hand. 

Reply to Tracey Cooper's post:Agreed Tracey! The quote you shared from Ranjay resonated with myself as well.

Emotion trumps logic- find ways to connect with the users.

Selecting appropriate gatekeeper(s) is key to a successful implementation. 

I really enjoyed this course, and spent some time looking at the additional resources. Will help me in the planning for new ideas.

Reply to Carla Arciniega's post:You took this course too!!?

I learned from this course that it's important to identify the decision makers, partners, and champions and ultimately the users of the new product/servce. 

Find the idea and give it to the right person(champion)

Innovation can happen at all levels of the organization

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