Tiffanie Rosier

Tiffanie Rosier

Location: northern virginia community college

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  • Virginia Community College Career Coach Certification

  • Global Career Development Facilitator Certification

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, James Madison University with an emphasis on Public Relations

  • Master of Arts in Education, Higher Education from Western Kentucky University

  • MBTI Certified Practitioner



  • STEM Education Coordinator, Northern Virginia Community College

  • Career/Business Development Coach 

  • Business Owner

  • Board of Directors, International Live Events Association


It really made me think about the innovation process and how working with your team can be helpful to get feedback on how to make the innovation strong.  I like the part about stakeholders and how to create win-wins, and story telling.  I also appreciated the keep trying focus and I loved the videos about Southwest, they are my favorite airline for all of their ionnovative ideas!


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