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Are there any tools and/or websites that allow you to create and take polls besides Twitter? I vaguely recall hearing about Instructors asking polling questions to their students and the students responding by text. I'm curious to see if this is similar to Twitter?
Thank you


First place to always look is to see if you LMS has that capability. I know I can create surveys in BB. Another option is It is free. Also if your institution has personal response systems, there may be an online option.

Dr. Kelly Wilkinson

Hi Michele,

There is polling that you can do in collaborate as well which will allow you to ask questions and get the feedback from the students. I think this is a great tool when you are trying to get the concensus from the class. I do not use Twitter how does their polling work?



Many of the LMS have a mechanism to do polling also.

Dr. Kelly Wilkinson

I really like the idea of sending polls to students to keep them engaged. I like it because it gives students a sense of control in the class and breaks down transactional distance barriers that many students deal with in online learning environments. It is also a fun way to keep students engaged and interested in the course content. I really feel like utilizing as many senses as possible helps to solidify the materials for students and make it more relateable.


I think that is a great strategy and tool. Do you use your LMS tool for polls or

Dr. Kelly Wilkinson

My university's LMS facilitates polling. In a writing course, I use it for grammar and usage quizzes.


Great idea! Can you use students phone? I will have to think about using for grammar quizzes. . . .

Dr. Kelly Wilkinson

I thought I was quite the Blackboard queen, having used it for about a decade. But I had no idea it has polling capabilities. I know the Bb versions vary from one U to another. Where does it live in your LMS?


We have survey tools within our BB that will allow us to poll. Also, we have a student response system that is embedded in our BB. I can't believe I am saying this but I am looking more and more to using students phones.

Dr. Kelly Wilkinson


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