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Review Syllabus

I find that if in the beginning of the first day of class you extensively review the syllabus show students page by page where to find the information they need to be successful in the class and what is expected of them I have a better success rate as a teacher.

I agree at that you are able to answer questions and get feedback from students

In addition to what you already posted, I believe the syllabus sets the tone and highlights the "what's in it for me" theory.

I agree that the syllabus needs to be reviewed and read the first day of class. Explaination and discussion about the content is very important so there are no misunderstandings later on in the course. The students should be made to sign a form stating that the syllabus was discussed and the signed form placed in the instructor's class folder.

Hi Theresa,
I like the idea of having the students sign the form. It seems to be extremely serious to the students when a signature is secured.

I completely agree. I've done the same thing and I feel like my term goes much more smooth. Students are very well familiar with what it's expected of them from day 1.

I totally agree with having a detailed syllabus and reviewing it on the first day is important. It clarifies any questions the student might have and states what is expected.

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