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how can i apply these technique but also learn from these techniques?

how can i use these techniques to become a better instructor? how or what can others advice for a new instructor when they ask a question where i might be doubtfull of my response or dont quiet know how to complete explain or even answer a questiont they may have? 

The techniques can be applied by including small groups and interactive actives in the classroom. In the clinical setting making sure the students understand what is expected and how to do task they are asked to do


how can i control the time management or how can i structure class time as a general outline for how i should manage a class from beggining to ending a lecture and project? discussion>? questions? or how to get them to apply what they just reviewed and being able to interpret it hands on?


If I am unsure or an answer to a students question I might say " thank you for participating in the discussion.  That is not something I have a clear answer to.  I would like to take the opportunity to give it more that and get back to you."  Transition to another topic but make sure you circle back either by the end of lecture or day with a response.  

I also have time management issues.  I think a good thing to do would be to have a clock within your vision so you can know how long you have spoken or when breaks are needed.  You could even set an alarm.  

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