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Reasons for Student Monitoring

Apart from Maintaining good eye contact with the students, there is no doubt that student monitoring helps me to be aware of any emerging issues or problems that will need your attention. Through monitoring, I will be focusing attention on my students, and at the same time it’s a key component in developing rapport with them.

By paying close attention to my students will also enable me to recognize emerging problems. In return, this also gives sense of comfort between me and my students as well. This way, they feel that you’re not only their teacher, their coach, their mentor and someone who they can depend upon on their questions or task. More importantly, Student monitoring enables me to observe the individual needs of my students from a total-class perspective. It creates a positive learning setting within the classroom and removes learning barriers.

K. Boodparset

In my classroom, I have found that if issues go undetected by me, other students become frustrated. They look to me to keep the class on track and deal with any inappropriate behavior before it becomes disruptive.

In my classroom, I utilize effective learning and monitoring students performance by role playing and giving scenarios to help focus and form solid decision making skills. I tech at a technical school and my students want the hands on without the theory. I use the theory when I ask questions are they need assistances. I role play with my questions to have them answer with technical theory answers which helps them understand the operation of systems or components before tearing something down to look for the problem.

Hi Darryl,I watch my students for eye contact with each other, sometimes this will tell you that there is a problem. I will go one on one with that student and work my way in and find out if there is a problem, normally this works very well. When they know you care this makes a big difference.

Hi Darryl!

I really appreciate your approach to helping students use their critical thinking skills. One thing that I hear consistently from employers is that employees do not have good critical thinking skills. Role playing helps them become part of the bigger picture of being part of a team.

Keep up the good work!

Jane Davis
ED106 Facilitator

Effectively monitoring is especially important if you are teaching in a classroom that does not lend itself well to moving all around the room. If you can't move around to see that everyone is on task, you have to be able to really read the body language to determine what's going on in all parts of the room.

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