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It’s such a sensitive subject in dealing with students with learning disabilities. Dyslexia is a language-based disability that presents challenges for students in the area of understanding written words. Clearly it takes patience in dealing or helping such students. First both parties have to share methods and strategies that would help them in exploring how these same methods can be successful in their classes. Fortunately, students who have challenges to learning can do well in your courses if you provide them with the needed instructional supports.I’m glad that there are such methods and accommodations that in dealing with these issues… >>>

There is no doubt that we know that we are all wired differently. This is why we’re all choosing different career path or life direction differently. However, no matter what career we individually chose, we’re all need motivation to achieve our goals. As an instructor, motivation is certainly a very powerful force that can help people to achieve unbelievable things for both students and teachers. Motivation is a powerful force that you need to capitalize on Personally, having to hear someone else’s personal experience through the course of their success plays a big role in motivation process. I am certain… >>>

Apart from Maintaining good eye contact with the students, there is no doubt that student monitoring helps me to be aware of any emerging issues or problems that will need your attention. Through monitoring, I will be focusing attention on my students, and at the same time it’s a key component in developing rapport with them. By paying close attention to my students will also enable me to recognize emerging problems. In return, this also gives sense of comfort between me and my students as well. This way, they feel that you’re not only their teacher, their coach, their mentor… >>>

This discussion topic is certainly interesting. Classroom movement is essential when teaching. When teaching, I was put myself in student’s shoes or perhaps the time when I was a student. I notice that the more teacher walks around the class when he/she explains or lectures, it keep me engaging. From teacher’s perspective, classroom’s movements give sense of a comfort zone when teaching. This is where you’re not only lecturing but at the same time, getting to know your students, having eye contact and interact with your students. In addition, by walking around, you get a sense of idea of the… >>>

The decoding method is such a useful tool in lecturing by breaking down your discussion into bits of content that students can understand and prepare for storage in their memories. Typically, I always use diagrams and visual graphics representation to show the relationship or association between what I am lecturing and what they’re looking at when I’m speaking. This will connect between visual and message/point that I’m trying to get across. I believe this technique shows my students that I can help make them successful learners as well as reducing frustration for myself as well. K. Boodparset

Through my experience, students are usually waning to bring their life experiences to the learning environment such as their work-related activities, family responsibilities and previous education. It’s a way for them to see a reason for learning something. Throughout their learning progress, it’s a natural progression for them to feel the need to connect their past with the present. Perhaps this is the reason why they are constantly asking and seeking to see how what they are being taught is relevant to their career goals. Before I begin my new day’ discussion, I usually explain to the students how today's… >>>

Like many great leaders, public speakers to peace makers currently and before us, they all share something in common - their great ability to influence people with the message that they convey to the audience. I take a great deal in modeling my lector after them. Each course, I will continue to find new ways and approach to inspire my students & get my points across. I use many tectics style of lectures from a style of base my lecture around a single subject or question, begins certain topic with “What would happen if……?” approach to a case study discussion.… >>>

Typically, by sharing information about your career experience you are establishing myself as an instructor of my areas of expertise and authority. It shows how students can relate to me & gives them sense of comfort of my experience on the subject that they’re learning. In my class, I constantly explain to my students of what’s going in terms of current industry standard, company’s expectations and level of professionalism that I have to go through each project. I also, mention to my students at the beginning of the course that, not only I’m doing for a living is associated with… >>>

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