First Day Expectations

The first day of the class sets the tone for the whole course. Bad habits allowed on the first day will be harder to fix later on in the course

I agree with your assessment also I find other teachers lack of contral can carry over to other courses

I agree the first day will set the tone for the whole course. I think you need to practice what you preach so to speak. no doubt bad habits will be harder to fix later. also students may be disappointed


At the start of every course I take extra time to make sure that my students know exactly what I expect. They seem to appreciate it even if they don't agree with the way I run my course. There are no surprises. Sure makes all our lives easier.

How true,the first day sets the tone for the rest of the course.

I agree, if you do not let the class know your expectations and rules on the first day, and follow through with them, the class will be much harder to control.

First day expectations set the foundation (Or not)for how the class will go. I have learned how inportant this foundation is from my own experiences and watching others.