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Linking Relationships to Retention | Origin: EL201 | New comment by David Daniel

I beleive we must convince the student that we (as an institution and personnally as their instructor) care.  Therefore, making a connection with them on some level seems key whether on line or...

MENTORING | New comment by David Daniel

I believe that mentoring students is the most important non-technical task that we as instructors must perform. I use the term "must" because without mentoring we are just passing on technical data...

Delivery of the information | New comment by David Daniel

Delivery of course information must be in a manner that can be understood by all students. This means that as an instructor we must be so flexible that any student can pick up the required...

First Day Expectations | New comment by David Daniel

The first day of the class sets the tone for the whole course. Bad habits allowed on the first day will be harder to fix later on in the course