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Classroom Best Practice

In the massage industry, many people coming into the training are already hands on people. They have been practicing on family and friends for years. One of the things I find they have problems with is first introductions. They are unaware of marketing ideas for the massage practice. Introductions on the first day for me helps to determine the style of the group. I hand out pennies with the years of 2000 to 2010 on them. Each of the student must then use the year to give a personal insight about themselves. It could be where they were in that year, how old they were, a birth of a child, a marriage, a divorce, etc. If the student wants to they can make up a lie and present it to the class. The rest of the class can then decide if it was the truth or a lie. Sometimes the truth is quirkier than the lies and the class seems to relax and settle in. I then bring it all back to first impressions and how we only get to make them once. How we look, we talk, we interact with others are all part of the first impression. Many times I see the students really think about this and their attitude changes.

This is not really a reply to anyone, but I've been looking for Best Classroom Practices type of posts from anyone who has completed the ED201 course (re Disabilities in the classroom)...ANYONE HAVE INFO???


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