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I find myself to by more of a manager.  Leadership is an area I am working on.

I enjoy leading in a democratic style, I enjoy hearing others input and try to come to a group response. Its important to incorporate and hear what others have to say. I didn't realize how many management styles there was. 

I manage and lead depending on the situation. At times our role requires us to manage and when I am able to motivate and influence, I am able to lead. 

I learned the distinction between a great leader and a great manager and realized that aspects of both make someone a stronger individual. 😀

I found this course to be very helpful in developing my own leadership legacy statement as well as my PLDP.

I learned there are many leadership styles. I have always lead by chain of command and following orders from policy and or daily job expectaions. I am most of the time done with tasks piror to all of my colleagues. I then like to assit them in completing these goals or objcectives. This is my leasdership style, dependable and taking care of business. 


I learned from this course.


Thank you!

Learn new strategies and believe in the success of others.

Leaders lead by example and integrity.

Being a great leader requires both components of leading and managing. 

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