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This was very helpful in reflecting on my next steps. 

I have a healthy balance of both manager and leader. While it is daunting in my position to find the time to connect individually with the different team members I oversee, I make it a practice to be available when they need me. This module helped me realize that to really be the leader my team needs, I need to motivate them by allowing them to embrace their goals and work together toward developing clear paths to achieve them.   

I'm a manager but I lead my team as well.  

My initial self assessment identified I am more of a Leader than manager.  I do not agree totally with the assessment as I am always focused on "processes" and goals.   

In administrative roles, it is important to be able to balance and flex both leadership and managerial skills. For example, seeking first to understand processes, then influence the shared vision and mission to then have the team achieve shared goals. Leaders will often develop the vision, inspire, and motivate support, but managers drive the implementation of that vision. 

At this point in my leadership journey, I feel it is my job to help and mentor the future leaders of our organization and the world.

It is easy to get caught up in the thought that managing, or being a dictator means you are leading... Oh how wrong I was.

What I have found, is that I get caught up in management. Even though I am also the leader and visionary of the company who is always improving on processes and systems.

As a leader my focus is to maintain an environment to support my team success, this way we all get great results.   

I find myself to by more of a manager.  Leadership is an area I am working on.

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