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By learning about these two concepts, I can say that I am more a leader than a manager since to me it is more important the morale behind a task than the task itself.

I lead my group and I have strong managers as well as good followers. 

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Hi Tanisha

Thank you; yes leadership traits help along with knowledge, skills and teh ability tomotovate 


Dr Ajmal

Leadership requires three components (leader, follower, situation).

I really enjoyed learning about the affirmative interactions, the AI way of leading.  I have never experienced that type of professional environment and I think it would be wonderful to create a working and learning environment like that.  Like learning about a dream that someone is actually experiencing.

I really appreciated how this connected with the current higher education strategy and I always appreciate the worksheets and the interactive elements.

I think what I really learned is that leadership is not just the intentionality of what you say and do, but your actions and reactions as well.  It is a holistic whole person judgement on your skills and your talents and your personality and you - particularly as you become more visual should your role grow.


I believe I am a manager and leader.  I believe I can continue to learn and grow my abilities. 

Thank you for the content in this course, and the feedback on responses posted. I, personally, always strive to improve my management and leadership skills, and believe all should strive to be the best manager and leader that they can possibly be. The ability to influence and motivate has a direct impact on the organization's success, as well as the group of individuals you are assigned to develop, coach and hopefully achieve desired outcomes.

It is important to be able to move between leadership styles dependent of the institutional culture, norms, and communication styles of team members.

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