Institutional excellence is a result of exemplary leadership. This group is for those currently serving in leadership roles or those who aspire to lead. Group members engage in self-awareness and self-reflection, and discuss the leadership skills necessary to maximize performance outcomes. Members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe. 

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Love the toolkit | New discussion by Beverly Givens

I really liked this lesson. I guess that is why I got a 100 on the assessment. All the others I got 80. I really connected to this. 

Leadership Legacy | New discussion by Beverly Givens

This one really has me thinking especially since I want to transition to higher ed from K-12 ed.

Lesson 3 | New blog by Beverly Givens

This has been my most informative session yet! 

Leadership Styles - I learned a lot more about myself! | New blog by Beverly Givens

Great course. It had me really processing my path to leadership and how I can improve. 

Thinking like a leader! | New blog by Beverly Givens

It was interesting to take the first lesson and realize that I do think more like a leader than a manager. However, I do have to implement a lot of managerial traits into daily activities to oversee t...

LS101 Manage or Lead | New blog by Eduardo Mariano

I like this course alot ande learned to differentiate between the two. I will try to apply what I learned to improve myself as a Faculty member.

great class | New blog by issac hatley

it wasa great class

Defining the mission and goal | New blog by Allen Garber

I feel that knowing where you want to grow is only a part of the formula for success.  You need to evaluate where you have come from and who you are before you can move forward and become what y...

Best practices | New blog by Laurene Medina

Evaluating and responding to feedback is essential.

Best practices | New blog by Laurene Medina

Sometimes allowing the follower to make a mistake reaps greater learning.