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I have learned that good leadership involves more than just skills/experience. One must lead their team members through motivation, problem solving, and innovation.

Good managers are also good leaders. In addition to organizing and troubleshooting, they motivate and create a workspace that employees care about. 

It is amazing to realize the various leadership types and my own approach

I am a leader because I need to transmit the vision of my institution and with my team I delegate and implement a effecting working focused in the vision and mision. But in sometimes I am a manager, I need that company overall understand pasion of every task and with persuasion and been collaborative I influence them to perform in the best way.  

Leaders are visionaries and keep commited with the team and the organization to feel identify with the visión and the goals while the managers are following every task to be acomplished and be implemented

I am more in a manager role because of my knowledge to collaborate with other and encourage collaboration with others, and because of my goal oriented mindset.

I learned that leaders are vision oriented and that managers keeps everyone on their toes.  

I have learned that a good manager will have good people skills, and the ability to collaborate with others and encourage others. 

Managers are important in the performace of a company. They have the power of persuation and collaborate with the team to complete the objectives. 

Hello Everyone

Managers and leaders complement each other in any organization, both are essential part of the organization and both are necessaries for the organization success. 

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