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I find it hard to categorize my leadership style. Based on what is needed, I use aspects of each of the leadership styles presented. 

I'm still learning what type of leader I am. This course has made me reflect on my leadership style

I would say I am more of a leader based on the definitions outlined in the video. However, I need to grow in managerials skills in order to become a more effective leader. 

I manage, however, I am learning leadership skills. I'm learning the differences between the two.

I found the steps on how to create a PLDP very useful.

Before this training, I hadn't thought much about my leadership outside my workplace.  It's interesting to think about leadership within my family, my community, and so on.  

Leadership is multifaceted. Leadership is impacted by followers and situations. Followers must be inspired by and trust leaders. In order for a leader to have an effect, there must be a situation to impact and followers that are willing to see the overall vision. Without followers, leaders cannot be effective.

I found in the training important information about how to become a really leader and the importance of team work,

Management and Leadership can overlap.  However, a leader does more than administrate.  The leader creates, has foresight, develops and communicates.

One of the things I learned in this lesson was the importance of "belief" in your leader.  That is, the level of inspiration and following is definitely something that works (for the follower) from the leaders' personality trait, personal achievements and competence.  

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