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Leaders are the visionaries and have the birds eye view.  Managers are the implementors and figure out how to put that vision into action.  Both are necessary for success. 

Being a good manager does not necessarily mean you are a good leader.  

I feel that I am both Leader and Manager.

Leaders set the vision and communicate the goals.  The Managers help the teams move and track towards the goals.

That the skills that lead to someone's success as an individual performer are different from those needed to be a great Manager.

Seems like both are required for an organization as they come with different skillsets and purpose.

Difference between leader and manager are a blurred line, but not if you look closely and think about it.  A leader originate, create, solve, a manager on the other hand follow, imitate, organize and does not inspire. 

Leaders are hard to come by, not every manager can be a leader and leaders are important for the progrss and the overall success of any organization. A true leader has a vision that is well communicated. 

To be a good manager is to be a good faciliator and someone who simplify things for his or her troops. 

Understanding the emotional make up of others, listening more with an open mind, will help to better motivate people

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