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Difference between leader and manager are a blurred line, but not if you look closely and think about it.  A leader originate, create, solve, a manager on the other hand follow, imitate, organize and does not inspire. 

Leaders are hard to come by, not every manager can be a leader and leaders are important for the progrss and the overall success of any organization. A true leader has a vision that is well communicated. 

To be a good manager is to be a good faciliator and someone who simplify things for his or her troops. 

Understanding the emotional make up of others, listening more with an open mind, will help to better motivate people

Being a high performer does not necessarily mean that you will be a good manager.
FRUSTRATED! This module provides descriptive characteristics of management and is unclear on the delineation between management and leadership. The positive aspects of this module was confronting the negative Myths of Management. Overall this module felt unsatisfying.
From management and leadership, I've learned several invaluable lessons and how they both complement each other. I aim to create a positive and productive work environment where my team can thrive, achieve their goals, and contribute to the success of the organization.
Leadership is a multifaceted skill that involves not only guiding and motivating a team but also fostering collaboration, communication, and innovation.

I've learned that effective management requires a combination of strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, and adaptability. Here's how I intend to apply what I've learned: Strategic Planning: I'll apply strategic planning principles to organize tasks, set goals, and prioritize objectives. Whether it's managing my workload or assisting others in planning projects, I'll focus on creating clear roadmaps for success. Effective Communication: Communication is vital for successful management. I'll strive to communicate clearly and transparently, whether I'm providing updates, giving feedback, or resolving conflicts. I'll also emphasize active listening to ensure I understand others' perspectives. Leadership: I can exhibit leadership qualities by… >>>

I was particularly interested in the various leadership styles. I want to be a good leader and not one that my employees do not like or do not respect, from experience I am learning what works and does not work for others, but also understand that I cannot make EVERYONE happy. I have to stay balanced, consistent and fair. I look forward to learning more and always looking at how to improve.

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