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After completing this module I find that as a seasoned instructor, I am already doing most of these. I do like the content chunking portion where they can get short or smaller "clips" of information that can lead them to feel more accomplished. Getting burst of information can also help with retaining and recalling information too. Those that struggle with time management this can allow them to "fit in" things in between other things they may have going on and still accomplish their required weekly tasks.

Motivation is key to encouraging students to push through anything to accomplish their dreams.  Feedback, discussions, a moment with the instructor will give them what they need to succeed.

How to empathize with my students even more .

I really appreciated learning more about tools available to help make course content more accessible and the reminder to be proactive in building syllabi with a welcoming tone and good universal design built in rather than going back and trying to fit it later.

This module includes great reminders about making course content accessible online, such as including captions and transcripts for multimedia. I'd like to watch the Washington Post video for further info/ideas, too.

I will make sure all the material are available for these students.

Great reminders about learning and adhering to state and federal guidelines with regard to reasonable accommodations and promoting accessibility for all students.

I appreciated the reminders about hidden disabilities and how much depression and anxiety can impact student engagement/communication in the online learning environment.

I definitely wished some of my instructors in college had done this training! The importance of validation and acknowledgment cannot be overstated. I'm thankful to have these important reminders, especially when much of our communication is done through writing/email/online feedback.

As we know and many of you have reflected, technology advances can be both helpful and harmful in the classroom or learning process. I appreciated the reminders about how TMC might impact our perceptions of one another or potentially cause more self-disclosure than is helpful.

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