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Surely, the rubrics provide a guideline for student to know what is expected from them what will be assessed. 

Setting up a "safe" community from online discussions for students requires setting expectations for them as well as modeling what participation should look like. The instructor needs to monitor the quality and direction of discussion boards, but not stifle student input. When grading online discussions, using a rubric can help ensure fair and more consistent grading. 

Setting the rules since the very beginning is key as well as modelling. 

I have learned about the need to investigate the communication tools properly. We need to be aware of the pros and cons as well as must get feedback to make changes if necessary. 

I have learned that adults have different needs and that we need to address them effectively. Also, giving appropriate feedback is key so learners don't feel judged. 

Students come from different backgrounds and considering their generation may improve communication with each individual. Guidelines for establishing an online community were described as well as the skills needed for both students and teachers to be successful. Online learning is not for everyone, so students need to be aware of what it takes to succeed before committing to a course. 

This portion offered guidelines for setting "netiquette" for classrooms. I found a number of policies for respectful communication when making responses for discussion boards that can be used going forward. 

The course examined many of the tools available to communicate more effectively with students at an individual level as well as for large groups. I came away with some ideas such as setting an email protocol with students at the start of class as well as using evaluation of the effectiveness of communication through the course. There is an option for a FAQ board available in my classes that I hadn't fully utilized and will consider making better use of this going forward.  

This is very helpful.  Reflecting on my old ways made me realize I can do less to make more impact.

From this module, I've gained a deeper understanding of the critical elements that contribute to effective communication and student engagement in online courses. I've learned about the importance of clear communication channels, the role of constructive feedback in enhancing learning outcomes, and the necessity of establishing a supportive and inclusive learning environment through well-managed interactions.

Moving forward, I plan to apply these insights by refining my approach to online teaching. I aim to develop clear communication guidelines or a code of conduct that promotes respectful and effective interactions among students and between students and myself. I also intend to… >>>

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