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People differ in personality, temperament, and communication style

Open communciation is the best way to retain students, but also make them feel part of the process.

I've learned that online adult learners need to know the immediate relevance of the courses they are teaching. They do better  when they understand the purpose and use...

I think what I have learned the most in here is about how to assess all of these social media venues.

What I learned was how little I know about Twitter. Once Trump got on there, I had no interest in seeing his face or anything he had to say. I've just never been a fan of that medium.

I was unaware that blogs were accepted as social media sites since they are largely opinions by the blogger. I always viewed them as akin to wikis and have had my English students...

I learned why we need to use rubrics to assess students using any social media platforms. It is always important for students to understand how they will be graded, especially...

Reply to Robert Whyte's post: I agree.

Motivation is key...remember to tell students Fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real...and the only way Knowledge is power is if that knowledge is applied. 

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