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Online learning is a whole different mindset. It must be engaging and capture the students attention.

I believe one element we may forget as we teach adults, as they are accomplished, established, working parents, wives, husbands, family members, employees/employers: they are juggling 101 elements to achieve this degree: always encourage them always let them know they are doing well and it will all be worth it in the end!!!!

I have learned the importance of communication between the instructor and the students, in addition to how to manage this communication model, in the same way, knowing not only the expectations of the students regarding what they expect from the course but also that it is necessary to know their generation to personalize treatment and communication, finally the importance of managing rubrics as evaluation tools and as means of communication between instructors and teachers. I will put many of these contributions into practice in my online courses.

It is essential to know the generation to which our students belong, as this makes it easier to individualize treatment and communication strategies.

The importance of communication management is that it allows us to establish basic rules that help us maintain a harmonious and productive environment in our online interactions. By following these rules, we demonstrate consideration for others and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings or conflicts. ‍It also allows you to enhance key aspects of communication such as the language used, the way of expressing oneself and behavior on digital platforms.

I have learned that I must know about the technological means of communication that I have as a teacher to communicate with students and that depending on the size of the groups I must make sure to choose the most suitable ones to guarantee that the communication will be of quality. Likewise, it is important to evaluate the use of each communication tool used because in this way we will know what impact it had on the interaction between teachers and students.

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I find that sharing our experiences, both good and bad, helps us empathize with students. And, by putting social networks to good use, it is possible to get support, support and solutions to specific problems.

How important measurement is! I totally agree with the models included in the readings related to measuring participant data. It's impossible to know how to improve without this perspective.

I wouldn't have imagined so many theories behind the different categories of games that can be used to enrich the teaching experience. It seems to me that creating a game from scratch is very challenging.

I really liked the rubric for evaluating games. I think I'm going to consider it very seriously for my courses. I use some different ones for classes, and I think it's an excellent tool for future references.

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