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It's critical to provide specific feedback when asking students to revise or make changes to their work going forward. Using a rubric ensures that all students will receive standard deductions for these errors. It's also helpful to give students resources in the feedback if you need them to make changes. An example of this would be an APA formatting website.

In my experience of teaching online, online presence is very important. Responding to student introductions, being active in the participation forms and posting announcements regularly make students feel like you are present and ready to help them and engaged with the class. Some students have never learned in an online environment and this helps bridge the gap between their brick and mortar experience and online learning.

I think it's important to use a variety of styles of communicating with students. Students do not appreciate if all communications are negative or telking them they are missingwork. Positive reinforcement, praise and identifying ways in which students can use the growth mindset will keep student faculty relationships civil and strong.

Comment on Aricka McCauley's post: I think it's important to ask the students how they prefer to be communicated with. Some students rarely check their email but will easily respond to a text. We should always take a student-centered approach when considering the form of communication we're going to take.

With students who have very busy schedules and students who may or may not complete the assigned work that is part of the points counted for their grades, how do you encourage them to participate in the blogging?  What percent of students fully participate and what percent make an attempt?

Thanks for your insight.  I look forward to reading your experiences.

Blogging creates a portfolio of each students work.  This will allow progress to be assessed.

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This is precisely the problem with adult learners who have employment and families in addition to school.  Good thoughts.

Is it "my body my choice" or is this a slippery slope that historically has ended in disaster more than once?  Remember, 25% of all women are on antidepressants.  Have you had a day in which you would rather not be on the planet?  A week, or a month?...

Today I learned there is a limit on the length of micro-blogging.  Text type entries will be used to create a complete and concise post.

Students can create material and post while learning from the peers posts.  Technical ability can be expected. 

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