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Online instructors should use multiple ways of assessing students abilities and address a variety of learning styles.

I have learned that adult learners like autonomy, incorporation of their life experience in their learning, and immediate application of what they have learned. I will incorporate more strategies for immediate engagement with the class materials in real life.

Motivation and time management will help students achieve their goals.

I have learned that adult learners are better able to retain and appreciate learning when real-life examples are used.

Responsibly using social media can have a positive impact on student learning. 

By simply posting information or materials through an LMS does not ensure accessibility. 

It is important for online instructor to remember that their institution is by law responsible for making sure that all materials meet U.S. federal law standard.

I learned that effective communication is necessary for both students and instructor, especially in an online course. I would make sure I have several modes of communication available to allow the students to ask for and receive help, express their knowledge and respond to their peers.

What I've learned about being an instructor of an online course is that in order to meet the students needs, different delivery methods of content are necessary, and are usually different than the traditional delivery methods. 

The platforms that are made accessible to facilitate online education and the technological sources used to facilitate this form of education. 

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