Online learners want to feel that they are part of a class or program and that they are valued as students.  The more they can become engaged in the course the more they will feel they are contributing to the learning process. This group is for educators who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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Technology Tools for Effective Communication | Origin: EL105 | New comment by Belinda Roberson

I learned that there are several ways to communicate with small groups including email, FaceTime, texting, teleconferencing, and telephone.   

Andragogy in Online Learning | Origin: EL140 | New comment by Racha Sankar

I learned that importance of creating the interaction between students and instructor. This will facilitate the responses by students. Providing students with feedbacks, practice good listening to...

Engaging Online Learners | Origin: EL141 | New comment by helen epps

This information was great and surprisingly informing. i have always struggled with keeping students engaged'now i can create ways to keep them focus and motivated. First students need to know that...

Engaging Online Learners | Origin: EL141 | New comment by George Jabra

We all want more engagement in our online communities. We all want our communities to be essential parts of our users’ lives. An engagedgroup can transform how an organization connects and...

Online Persona | Origin: EL108 | New comment by Cozetta Hossain Carter

Online learners provider a different learning challenge. Educators must be aware of their limits when it comes to online teaching. 

EL 140 | New blog by Cozetta Hossain Carter

My Wisdom with educating come from people being drawn to me as a person first. Then I establish a relationship with them even if it is 5 min. conversion. It may be about how are they doing or how can ...

Foundational Personality Trait Models | Origin: EL117 | New comment by Fancy Kumararaja

people tend to gather and group themselves according to their prosonality

Social Networking | Origin: EL110 | New comment by Alberto Vasquez

The only Social Media I use is LinkedIn. I could give facebook a try but I'm afraid what happened last time will happen again. As soon as I created a MySpace account and started reaching out to...

Engaging Online Learners | Origin: EL141 | New comment by Gina Grant

I feel my faculty have a good ideas on how to keep students engaged, it is sometimes the extra time it takes to create various activities and also have the time to provide meaningful feedback to keep...

Measuring Good Communication | Origin: EL105 | New comment by Gilissa Hagedorn

Rubrics are important to make assessing student progress effective and easier.  As with the previous modules, communication remains an important factor in online learning.