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Great strategies to deal with the various types of students. One of the things we have is a shoe holder mounted on the wall. We treat them like adults with their cell phones. One they abuse the privilege and are still on them during class, we make them put their phone in the holder until class breaks. Then we take attendance by if their phone is in the holder or not. 

I have always been a fan of letting the students know the due dates up front. I like to plan for things and I am sure others like to plan for their due assignments and exams.  I do like the team exercise at the beginning of the class to break the ice and get them talking to each other.  

Comment on Denise Guerra's post: Yes, we as humans usually calm down if we felt we are heard.

Comment on Emily N Lewis's post: I appreciated that idea as well students have already contributed much effort in their course the stress to think all if that could go under because of a final exam will detour cheating

I have through this course how to manage my class and certain student behavior. Students have a wide range of personalities in a classroom setting you may encounter a silent, angry, or cheating student. This course has offered suggestions on how to handle any behavorial issues, while maintaining control of the classroom

I learned different approaches for various class room situations. 

Comment on Thomas Luong's post: Agree 100%

Getting help from the right expert is very important.

It is important to recognize what kind of crisis the person is going through.

Knowing the warning signs of crisis and plan of action is very important.

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