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When I was a new instructor and/or presented with new material I wasn't prepared for, I did have to spend my time behind the lectern reading through the PowerPoints. I like nothing more that using the PowerPoints for my students benefits as I wander the room during my lectures. I get to interact with my students and keep an eye on what they are up to. This module reinforced my method. I want to reach those student in the back of the class so they do not feel left out. 

Being prepared for your class is very important- not only for you as an instructor but also the students. 

Very informative when it came to the different strategies to deal with a challenging student/students. 

very informative about teaching with students who have different learning types


The importance of stating the late/missed assignment rule in the syllabus. 

Be humble and laugh it off. Then, learn from it.

When dealing with anger, Listen.

Great strategies to deal with different situations. Liked and will keep in mind the "use it wisely" cards.

Ice breakers on the first day of class can be helpful. Also, communicate expectations and policies clearly to set them on a path of success.

I find this extremely humorous . Im a single father of two and work two jobs. students at my school are less than stellar for the most part but they all get 110% of my attention under my care. being an Expert in my field prior to switching to teaching, I found the easiest transitional portion was to be myself and set the standard for my students. Dont let them set it for me. I let them know what to expect of me and what I expect of them. Same goes for my children. Communication is key of lessening the… >>>

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