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Preparation of topic, taking notes and self-evaluating after each class is main takeaway from this session.

Learnt various types of student's behavior and different strategies to deal with them in variety of settings. 

Why is it that some students will blow up if you try to correct them for a small mistake?

I have had some students that were trying very hard at running the class and some were more difficult to get under control. It takes thought on the instructor to not allow that person to run the class without causing a situation. 

I go over the syllabus the first day of class as well as having the student introduce themselves to the instructor and to the rest of the class. I also try and make the class fun, with the understanding that the rules need to be followed.

Overall, it was an informative session and I learnt various ways on how to deal with inattentive students, students who feel overwhelmed and are ready to quit, student who would blame others or find excuses for their unfinished tasks. 

Being prepared makes me feel so much better. I can "get through" a lesson by winging it, but I feel better, and I KNOW it is a better lesson when I prepare.

Great session. Keeping the students engaged throughout the class by various activities and allowing them to share their own experiences will enhance their learning experience. Setting deadlines on assignment submissions will help the students be on track. 

very informative to involve and engage all different personalities. 

I like the concept of the reflection on each lesson taught. What was expected versus what actually happened. 

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