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I love Breathing e techniques,yoga,meditation, and nature resets to reduce my stress . I am now going to consider eliminations of stressors.

The idea of being honest and transparent about both work and personal stress.

Set time for daily for email response is a great way for efficiency to create more time in the day.

A good way to look at demands and prioritize them in order to not become exhausted.

I learned people need to practice resiliency. 

In this module I learned about managing classroom behavior. The different techniques, I wished I would have learned earlier in my career.  Sometimes I think just walking around the room and making the students aware you are watching them helps to disperse some of the problems. I can see  where asking someone that is causing problems to politely leave, helps to decrease their anger and hopefully brings your class back under control. 

Being over prepared can help alleviate not having enough material. Come to class organized and ready to teach. Be professional in both appearance and delivery of lessons and assignments.

Making sure the expectation of student behavior is clearly presented from the very beginning of the class is very important. Knowing the expectation you have of the students will help them understand when there are consequences for their behavior.

Learning to deal with many different personalities in students is important so that all students have an equal opportunity to learn. Getting all students engaged is important. 

Being clear and precise on the goals and requirements for the class helps the students have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and what they will gain from the course as far as skills and knowledge.

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