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Create healthy ways to reduce stress such as exercise, organizational tools, or meditation. 

Be open about your stessors and limitations.

Organize the space you are in and it will help organize your process.

It is very important to prioritize your time.

I found many tips helpful in this module; to let students vent, expect they may be experiencing something outside of the school environment which may contribute to their behaviors, ask them to explain a situation and solutions for improvement, expect cheating, one who cheats in other courses will most likely cheat in your course, and cheat on objective test so add in case studies and narratives to help divert student's who cheat. 

I do have a student with such disruptive behavior and I have advised  her, verbal and written as well. I have all documentation of the conversations I just hope she realizes that her conduct is afecting her learning and everyone else in the class. 

All this information is very helpful. I do have a student in one of my classrooms for each of this categories and I constantly  let them know how important they and what advancements they are making I also mention the WIIFM approach and that seems to well. I do like the idea of the 5 color cards as well.

I like the "Ice Breaker " Ideas and I implement a question sequence  that allows each student to answer a few questions about themselves, I also have each student introduce themselves with fun facts, hobbies or anything interesting about themselves.


Understand the motto of what is in it for me. Makes the content relatable for individuals. I also like the ice breakers for how to engage students like working together or creating team captains with a fun experiment of flying paper airplanes. Reviewing the syllabus in detail and setting expectations day one. 

Be positive and aware.

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