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By setting realistic, clear and specific standards for students, and being fair, consistent, and dedicated to sharing your expertise and knowledge of the field you will gain respect from the students. By being prepared, organized and dedicated you can help prevent making mistakes.

Being calm and listening can be a big help in understanding a disruptive student. Having clear expectations of conduct and sticking to those expectations is important; being fair and consistent with all students is important. Evaluating students throughout the course for their grade instead of basing most of their grade on the final exam can help reduce the stress the students feel, allowing them to be more successful through the course.

Being organized help with teaching and classroom management.

It is important to address behavior early and have clear expectations for students.

I learned that there may be difficult students and there are various strategies for dealing with them.

It's important to let your students know WIIFM- Getting them involved emotionally with the study material helps students become motivated. By making the course content clear by providing a syllabus and deadlines for assignments, you are showing the students relevancy and application of the content so they see they are preparing for success after graduation. 

It is important to address difficult behaviors in individual students to avoid it becoming a widespread problem. 

Covering the syllabus on the first day sets the stage for the course. In the past I have had a quiz associated with it so there is no confusion on due dates and exam days. Ice breaker for introductions and first class to get to know each other.

Life is stressful. We cannot control many aspects of it. However, we can try to manage it.

This course helped me to remember the importance of managing my time wisely and its impact on my stress.

Also, I think it is important to share our knowledge with others, especially if we see them struggling. 

Learning healthy coping mechanisms can save our lives and others.


Too much stress can affect our health and reduce our productivity.

The course gives us very useful tools to identify our stressors, which I think is the first step to having a better life.

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