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learned about being more organized starting with claiming your space, cleaning it and then filling it . 

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I am struggling with the same issue. The very thought of "what ifs" are one of my major barriers that I am purposefully practicing to avoid.

the thought of prioritizing things and what task has the highest reproductions if not complete. 

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I completely agree with you. Giving the student a chance to vent, listen and then react seems to be the best option available.

You have to have different approaches for different students l.

Comment on Natasha Ramirez's post: This is a real issue with a class I have currently.  It is near the end of the program and the concerns and cares about due dates is for the most part gone.  The class consistently is turning in sub par work and missing deadlines on the assignments.  A refresher on the syllabus could be helpful. 

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How to deal with inattentive students was definitely an eye opener for me.


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Great point Eli. I found setting clear expectations in syllabus as a great tool.

I have experienced some of these classroom challenges in the past and surely much of the feedback in this module does work. I learned here the private written message, I will try it when necessary. 

This module reinforces the importance of classroom management and how to be an effective instructor.  I benefited from knowing details about the difference between the four styles and what could be done to avoid being the undesired teacher are clearly stated here. I am already a guide-type instructor and I would seek improvements whenever possible.

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