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Important not to be best friends with your students

I realize now that most cheating occurs because of opportunity.

Using colored cards is a great way to limit over talkers.

It is important to engage adult learners early and often. They like pertinent material to their specific trade.

I think that most new instructors will try and overcompensate for how new they are, and they feel that they have to bombard students with a massive amount of information, even when simpler information would do well.

All ambiguous behavior is interpreted negatively. Make sure students feel valued and respected.

Students need a reason to learn and they are motivated by personalizing content to career goals. Keep open lines of communication and set the expectations.

Preparation of topic, taking notes and self-evaluating after each class is main takeaway from this session.

Learnt various types of student's behavior and different strategies to deal with them in variety of settings. 

Why is it that some students will blow up if you try to correct them for a small mistake?

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