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I know I want to be a guide to my students. I have to work on consistency.

Don't be a buddy to my students, and be organized!

I agree with the above, in terms of resources for the presentation of the teacher, the breaking of the initial silence with icebreaking participation activities and the recognition of the characteristics of learning by the student in terms of the tools for the beginning, are pillars for a good start and development of the educational activity.

Gives a lot of great ideas on how to deal with challenging students

I am going to have an ice breaker for the class, I think those are always helpful. Even if they are corny. I will make sure my course content is relatable and my delivery is creative and relatable to the students as well.

2nd year teacher here and I love the ideas on syllabus. Mine is short and not detailed. I want to change that.

One thing I do, as a CTE teacher, is emphasize from the first class on... this class is employment training. Limitations, expectations, assignments and such mimic the employment atmosphere. I am strict about deadlines and quality of work to prepare them for the expectations of employment. That way, they know the WHY of rules and consequences.

There were several things that stood out.  I love the idea of combining frequent assessments as the final.  I also agree that if we prevent opportunity for cheating or disruptive behavior, we can get ahead of an issue before it arises.  It's so difficult, but I love the idea of self reflection and not automatically assuming the student is the problem.  My goal is to be a better listener and providing more opportunity for discussion rather than just immediately shutting their ideas down.




Has anyone found a solution to the problem of managing phone use in the classroom?  I want them to learn self control and don't want to take them up, but it seems to be a never-ending problem.  Especially when others in the school don't follow through.  

This course really just confirmed what I know to be the case but is difficult to accomplish. Sometimes we are just struggling to stay afloat and cut corners to survive, but this course proves that doing so is detrimental.  I have witnessed it myself in the classroom.  The students need that structure and consistency.  They need for us to have expectations and hold them to those.  They need this in order to be prepared for the future that awaits them.  

I agree that you have to set the expectations in order for them to follow them.  Consistency is so important yet so hard to maintain.  I sometimes am so hopeful that they will turn something in, in order to pass the class that I don't always uphold the late policy.  I hope to do better with that. 

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