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Reduce stress by maintaining a to-do list and prioritizing it. Stay organized will increase productivity and getting more done. 

Reviewing the syllabus with clear expectations and rationals is always useful at the beginning of a class. I also like the idea of ice breakers and letting the students know WIIFM.

It is important to not just ignore stress. It will not go away on it's own and will in fact only get worse over time without proper intervention. 

Making to-do lists is a great way to help with time management. 

Overplanning and overpreparing are far better than the opposite. Mistakes will happen, but being prepared will help you navigate and overcome these obstacles. 

There are many type of "challenging" students, and even more way to handle them. It's important to self evaluate before addressing these students to be sure that you are meeting their needs before trying to get them to change something they are doing. 

Setting clear expectations early is crucial for student success. The less a student has to question or be unsure about, the more likely they are to feel comfortable and be successful. 

This was a reminder of the importance of going back to the basics of setting the classroom and school policies on day one. The syllabus is always a good guide to back up any questions the students might have throughout the course. Ice breakers would set in place right after the orientation and answering any questions or comments that come about. Being clear and maintaining consistency is key. 

I like the recommendation to use humor and laugh at ourselves when we make mistakes as instructors. As a nursing instructor, I can have students who have zero medical experience all the way up to LPNs who may have different expertise or more years in the field than me. I learn something from my students every semester, including pronunciation of terminology that I have apparently been saying wrong my whole career! I also really like the statement The only way you can do the right thing well is to do it poorly first. We have labs and clinicals and it… >>>

I like the learning related to monitoring students because it will help educators identify potential issues before there full blown problems. I also like the aspect of making 2-3 second eye contact with students and acknowledging positive interactions in real time. I thought the aspect of an angry student being able to infect other students was interesting. In nursing, i have certainly seen this happen on the floor and it makes sense that it could happen in the classroom. I think making the extra effort to connect with this student, Listen!, and ensuring this student feels heard could go a… >>>

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