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Everyone is nervous when they start something new. They aren't exactly sure what they are to do, what is the best approach and they wonder how they will know they are doing it right.

Students who are cheaters will take every opportunity to do so. They have ethical issues to deal with. Eliminate as many of these opportunities as you can.

You can not change a center staged student you can only control their behaviors.

Comment on Natasha Ramirez's post

I agree with Natasha, there are always the percent of students that don't follow the deadline. 

set goals for the students, lay out the class and what it involves clearly.

I have learned that impact may vary depending on the mistake and how much you let it take you out of your game plan.

I have learned that no instructor wants to lose a student so try everything that you can to help make that problem student a part of your class

I learned that by observing students and meeting may result in the student reducing the talking then you can assign the role of "observer" to the center-stage student.

I learned that late assignments will be accepted up to one week after the due date. Each day the assignment is late there will be a 20% deduction of points. 

 Remind them that people hire them to perform a service or produce a product. When they are out in the field, their customers and/or employers won't accept their late or incomplete work

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