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 Remind them that people hire them to perform a service or produce a product. When they are out in the field, their customers and/or employers won't accept their late or incomplete work

I have learned that I should pay attention to my thoughts and feelings. This will help me to increase my overal well-being and reduce stress. 

I have learned that stress can sneak up on us in different ways, even when we are not paying attention. I want to share this lesson with my students so they can learn to spot stress and understand how it affects them. My goal is to help them become more aware and better equipped to handle stress in their lives.

I think it will be hard to remember names. I also believe that being over prepared is a good thing

I like this. It has given me many options on dealing with a problem student. listen to them we as Instructors may not know what they are going through, just listening and being a mentor may resolve 99% of the issue.  

This is a big help with understanding how to deal with a whole gambit of different students in the same class.

Good communication right out of the gate. Set your standards upfront and stick to your guns.

Some levels of stress are good but you can't hang on to all the bad energy for long periods of time. Doing so is bad for your health and those around you.

Recognizing signs of stress is helpful in that it will allow us to step on the brakes and proceed in ways that help dissipate the stress.

The way it's presented in the material, discipline and productivity are a mutual effort by staff and students.
Treat one another like people, and have standards of behavior.
It's pretty common sense, maybe some minor caveats that need to be observed that have been found to be most effective thru testing and runtime out in the real world.

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