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I have learned different ways to handle student behaviors. 

I have learned the acronym WIIFM. Staying consistent and following the syllabus is key to success.

I will make a point to speak to every student and have them engage with me. Take the time to fully listen to them before responding to their issues or situations. Include more class discussions to gage if every student is understanding course concepts.  

I learnt different ways to cope , reduce and eliminate stress .  Sad to know that 75 to 90 percent of students visit doctors and health clinics with stress related issues.  

I learned new strategies that I can apply to my schedule. And identifying what a burnout looks and feels like.

Work as a team and set expectations and boundaries. 

Learning to balance between work and family will help reduce stress if we do not then it will have negative effect on our productivity and health causing headache, upset stomach, back pain as well as high blood pressure.

Checking emails intermittently . Lecture or instruction may be delivered 50 percent on line and 50 precent face to face projects and assessments.

Procrastination and immediacy effects negatively on time management.  Making a To Do list , prioritizing by importance and highlighting the ones that are of urgent nature. Doing so will reduce undue stress on our health.

There's different ways to keep the students engage, by asking them to give presentations, or calling on them to answer questions, and even moving the students from the back of the class to the front of the class.

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