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Comment on Roshanda Martin's post:  I am the same way. I just need to remind myself that I am important and just take some me time.

Make it a habit to learn your students' names. It helps to show the students that you care about them.

Paying close attention to your students will also enable you to recognize emerging problems. Recognizing these problems allows you to prevent them from escalating into something major. Successfully monitoring students represents good student/class management.

Students who are inattentive in class are generally those students who typically lack understanding of the course requirements. As an instructor, reevaluate my approach, tone, and expectations. 

 Set standards for missed assignments. Note that a 10% variable of missed assignments, however, will not always be from the same students. 

Comment on Angela Zaugg's post: I agree with you. 

Important not to be best friends with your students

I realize now that most cheating occurs because of opportunity.

Using colored cards is a great way to limit over talkers.

It is important to engage adult learners early and often. They like pertinent material to their specific trade.

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