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Creating a Bio

This is my first exposure to online teaching. Very informative course. I can see how the online Bios help to foster interaction and relationship with one another.

Billie, I definitely agree!  Students need to know who they're working with for the next few weeks and telling them about your background, hobbies, expectations, etc. helps instrctors build an online presence and sets the pace for the rest of the course.  

i do a version of this in my classroom. but i let my students know to please make sure that i get to know them. that's it's easier to WANT to help someone if you know the person and truly feel for them. this helps how much time and thought they put into their day one activity titled: Getting to Know ______ in which student name goes in the blank.

I think is a great opportunity for students and instructors to get to learn each other. I think it helps plan when you are able to see everyones background.

It is only fair to share a little of your life experience and how you have learned different skills over the years.  You are right to share and I will guess you make an impact in your students lives!

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