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Fortunatley, I am a Culinary Arts Instructor and the topic of food continues to motivate all ages of students.

I teach because I care and I care and this is why I teach. I can never seperate the two or I will have to stop teaching!

This is very true regarding the many ELL students I experience many Asian students that struggle but this course will help me help them.

A openhand gesture is always the way to greet your students to ensure comfort and security in the classroom.


Being extremely aware of non-verbal communication is held with high regard.


Cues are a great way to be in constant communication with your students

Learning about different options of elements will be very helpful communicationing during tests taking.

I am learning so much about different forms of communication.

Ensuring that all of the tools are applied to the classroom enviroment is very important.

I spent many years working with teammates who spoke a different langauge then me, Therefore hand gestures and pointing was all we could rely on. This is an essential tool.

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