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I agree, Wix is very useful to create e-portafolios. I am new to online courses and I see that it is a tool that is used a lot


I personally like because I spent this past summer creating a website for my classes: PLTW MI and Health Science classes but it was not realized in the classroom since IT was not able to get the site up and running on our school server.  It was challenging and nerve wrecking but I can say I learned how to use it and correct or delete material on the site so moving forward by the end of our journey together with the on-line classes my students will be challenged and will come out learning at the other end.  Personally for me when I do independent discovery learning and using hands-on minds-on learning it stays with me longer and I have a handle on the concept to be able to use it in various methods. Trial and error of knowledge sharing is key as per, Ramayah et al (2013) "Findings from the Partial Least Squares analysis revealed that extrinsic motivation, reciprocal relationships, sense of self-worth and subjective norm are vital determinants of an academician’s attitude towards knowledge sharing". Ramayah, T., Yeap, J.A.L. & Ignatius, J. An Empirical Inquiry on Knowledge Sharing Among Academicians in Higher Learning Institutions. Minerva 51, 131–154 (2013).

The site looks cool! Thanks for sharing!


I love using Wix for students to showcase the things that make them awesome. They need to keep it Private of course because once it's published, the whole world will see who you are. When students, against my instruction, put their address & phone number, I get really really worried! Other than that, I love Wix for student portfolios.

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