Customer Service

I really enjoyed this course on customer service.  It has really opened my eyes to the fact that we need exceptional customer service to retain students.  This course has also opened my eyes to some issues at my univeristy that need to be fixed.  I have also realized the customer service and retention is the responsibility of everyone in the Univeristy.  I have also learned that customer service comes from the top down which means that the exceutive team sets the standard on customer service.

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I enjoyed the time reading and learning the relevance of the educational program. There are many troubled studens and

we can only do our best to direct them in a positive path.

I really enjoyed this course on student retention and how to talk to students and lead them in the right path when they are having problems. I found this course to be very helpful.

I enjoyed the course on Raising the Bar to 'First-Class' Customer Service".  It has inspired me to continue to find ways of improving our customer service.  Also in training the front desk staff because we are the face of the school.  


I found this course to be very interesting and am looking forward to applying some of these ideas to my next term start!

It was definitely very informative. 

Customer Service is very important in any line of business.  It can make and break a business' success rate and also effect the moral of those who work for the business.  Serving the Customer should be the most important factor and the key to making all parties happy and effectively working well together.

This was a very good class.  I am excited about implementing the strategies introduced in this course.  I am committed to developing a culture of Outstanding Customer Service at our school and to equip the faculty and staff to do the same.

I think that in any business there is a consumer, and a product or service. Although not so obvious, students and their parents are the consumers of the school, and without them the school will not succeeda.It is  essential to do what the consumer wants, and this means understanding how they feel, how they shop, etc. Focusing business around the consumer is a win-win for both sides