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Clarify, Communicate, Assign, Assess, and Reward

These five components will take your strategic planning process, your plan itself, and your team to success.

  1. Clarify - Make every piece of the plan plain and clear through definitions and simplifying terms and plan components.
  2. Communicate - Don't only communicate - communicate effectively. Ask for feedback to ensure that teams understand the communication.
  3. Assign - Create RACI matrices or some tool to assign tasks/duties/responsibilities and to track assignments.
  4. Assess - Involve team members in assessment and review so they authentically know the outcomes of their hard work.
  5. Reward - Celebrate the wins and brainstorm the losses. This may look like a brainstorm session ending in a party with food, swag, and awards. Use various measure both financial and non-financial to reward each success throughout the process. 
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