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I am a work in progress.  Today, I took over a class for a comrade who went on vacation.  As you might have deducted from the the word start there was no preparation for what I got myself into.  Keeping it real and just saying.  I was on slippery ice with the students not knowing them or me.  They knew what to do in class but equipment and supplies were limited.  I wanted the students to be in there perspective groups of three but fate would have it otherwise.

I though it was a matter of participation but it finalized into lack of equipment and motivational support from the students.  You have leaders and followers.  The advance students took the lead and supported the other students whom did not process the assignment because of being tired from work and other issues.  There is a lot going on in the mind of a student.  Especially a teacher who has been to war.  The battle field was less challenging.

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