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I pondered that I am doing much well in the reflective journaling exercises, but still lack the engagement I would like.

Here's my Outline for action thus far, where triple "???" means "yet to discover:"

Topic: Social Media usage during transition to 100% online vs classroom due to COVID-19:

Done Well - Class Contact List shared, Assigned all participants to Small Groups, Content online & easy to navigate, conducted interactive VC meetings & recorded for later review

Not so Well Done - Very fre Results of group work into lockers for member sharing, only 60% assignments completed on time to date, class member's absenteeism and no replies to attempted contact

How to Improve:

Group Work into Lockers - established asynchronous small groups, locker drop boxes set up, award graded points,  ???

On-time Assignment submission - grade point deduction for late assignments, ???

Absenteeism - sent email reminders to both school and home email, contacted enrollment admin, ???


Have the Group/Class help define the problem in a problem solving exercise

                What Went Well regarding shift to online classes?


                What could be Done Better?


                                How can we improve this?

                                                Step 1 - ???

                                                Step 2 - ???   , etc.


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