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When I first caught students who were plagiarizing papers/essays/reports I was distressed and angry. To me the concept of academic integrity is one every institution and instructor should emphasize. When I spoke to my students, I started to realize some of them, especially the younger students, really just didn't get what it meant to plagiarize.

Saying "don't do it" is one thing. But showing them how not to do it is something else. In my English class I review not only the rules of citation, but also review various specific examples by giving them texts, papers, etc. and having them put them in their own words or cite them in class. I also review what is considered “general knowledge” and doesn’t need to be cited and things that do. I have found when I do this students have so many questions-that there is legitimate confusion. I see this as a generational issue because younger students’ access to technology and online research has been an educational constant, it is instant and represents even a different psychomotor process than the one I learned (checking out a book writing down notes, and handwriting your draft.)

Of course, there are many other issues when it comes to plagiarism, but I have found this helps when it comes to papers, etc....

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