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I learned so much and intend to apply several of the concepts in my class. I want to create a CNA Skills mastered Leaderboard & have the top 5 students who have mastered the most skills posted on the wall outside of my classroom. Also for my CNA class I want to implement some contests or races to help them practice and learn the skills. I am going to start a skills race where they are timed and two people will race to finish a skill. I also have an idea of another race for skills- they can race to gather the supplies needed for a random skill and the first one to gather the correct supplies wins. I am also going to start a class reader leaderboard. I have a class library and am going to come up with a points system (is AR still a thing?). I will post the top 3 leaders with their points (maybe on a letter board). I will also have an alumni reader board that will include the top 3 all time reader students and it will have their name and graduation year. Current students will then even be able to race against past students. I also want to start doing badges in my CNA class- Since they are preparing to take a certification exam I want to set up an area with practice tests and flash cards and study materials. They will get points for doing "extras" and will earn badges based on points earned. Those badges will be posted for all to see. I will also apply these concepts to my HOSA club- I plan to start a HOSA points system where students gain points for various activities they do within the club. With all of these new things I am excited to give more awards at awards day for achievers as well as immediate prizes like candy and preferred seating.

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