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Oh... one more idea to share.

We started visiting each class once per month to share outcomes such as the following:

in December, we had 8 grads hired at hospitals, 2 at NYU, 5 at Mt. Sinai and 1 at NY Presbyterian. 16 were hired at smaller doctors offices and clinics such as...

This creates a really great forum for them to ask questions about these sites and share that this is what they would like to do. We will them respond with the attributes and effirt put forth by those who secured those positions.

This is a real game… >>>

Hi everyone,

Really great and insightful posts. Thank you all for sharing.

In addition you the workshops you are all hosting, we also implemented a workshop on Etiquette and Presentation Skills. 

To get the instructors to buy in on the visits from CS, you need them to understand that the reason students attend our schools are to become employed. The majority of students come to our career schools to get heir first JOB... and I understand... it's not just about a job (being Just Over Broke- JOB) but about a career. When they understand this and that it's about the… >>>

I completely agree with you all. I have listened to and read each of the modules several times as there were some really great points that resonated with me and we will now use to further develop out strategies.

i believe that all of the departments are interdependent and it truly takes the entire village to help the students through, so that they are focused on working towards becoming employed. Unfortunately there are so many social and economic obstacles that chalkenge us daily so it would be great for us to share more ideas and best practice that each of… >>>

Hi Nancy,

How do you handle students who do not follow classroom rules after you have made a point to go over policies.

For example, the student who was sneaking a bite of their sandwich, the one who didnt cut her nails to the appropriate length, or those who are speaking while the instructor is speaking.

Do you put them out or do you try to work with them and turn a blind eye sometimes?

We have Students who may be defiant with a particular instructor because they think, "he goes too hard."

They complain that he is too controlling… >>>

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It is best to keep it to about 1 hour. if you feel the need to go over, you may need to incorporate beverages and snacks. 

It is also very important for the Admissions Reps to prepare their candidates for the 1-1.5 hour long session. They need to inform their candidates anout the importance of the session and the estimated length of time to devote(block out) to this session. I have asked the Reps to let the candidates know they need to schedule to be at the orientation for at least 2 hours.

Students will become restless during orientation, so… >>>

Goals and examples are great. We use at least 4 differevt people who share their department's purpose while ensuring all policies and procedures are covered.

therexare always those challenging students who stir in their seats impatiently, so the session cannot be boring or only on PowerPoint With the lights out. You also need someone who has thise qualities of a motivational speaker and can keep the session lively. Mixing in a few comical scenarios and real life situations help trenendously.

Good luck during your next orientation!!!


This course was very informative. It had material and content that is useful to any new instructor or one with years of experience.


i look forward to taking other courses with MaxKnowledge and review many of the responses in the chat.


Thank you MacKnowledge!!!

Hi Mike,

I realized how many typos my posting had as I reviewed both my posting and your response. I truly appreciate your feedback as I will use this coupled with the information and knowledge I gained from the course.

There are several other issues I have with an instructor who is so hung up on discipline and control that the weaker students or those who may not have great social skills file complaints against him that he is picking on them or they may say that, 'he's doing too much' or 'its not that serious.' These are comments from… >>>

I am not trying to come across as condescending but I have instructors with 20 and 30 years of experience who believe the their formula is the best way.

What advice or methods would you offer to help a teacher understand that their are methods and approach can be improved?

we use metrics such as drops, incompletes, failed an exam, failed the class, etc. to understand where improvements are needed but the majority of the time the instructor takes a hands-off stance claiming that it is not their fault.

i have a belief that if you think you followed instructions… >>>

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