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Proactive vs. Reactive Retention

We've made a considerable effort at our school to change the focus of retention efforts from reactive to proactive. If a student drops out in the 3rd class, it's likely not due to the 3rd class, but to what happened long before. We seek to have our students so incredibly engaged in their program that they can't possibly imagine not persisting to the next class. Our faculty play a huge part in that effort. By positioning our best, most engaging faculty in the early classes, we create a culture of excitement and belonging that assists with retention efforts. I view our best instructors as those who can "edutain" meaning both educate and entertain to the point of making the hard work of learning fun as well as informative.


Sounds like you've nailed it! Putting our 'best foot forward' regarding engaging faculty goes a long way.

Susan Backofen

That's great. We have tried to look for warning signs for students. Arriving late, leaving early, missing homework, etc.
Catching the signs early may assist in reducing the barrier behind the behaviors.

At our campus most of our efforts as instructors and support staff goes towards making a strong connection to students early on. This bond can be the one thing that's keeps them coming to class. Sometimes a student just needs to know someone cares if they show up or not. This helps our retention tremendously. It takes some work on the front end but pays off in 90% completion rate in the end.

That is a great blue print to follow.

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