Gaining Trust and Stress

The initial gaining trust during the interview is a very important factor. I usually don't have a problem with that part. It's the after fact that I have problems with, maybe the stress or the idea of spending the money or just the idea that they may not be able to do it. I try to instill this confidence in them, but sometimes it just does not seem to work.

I am a program chair, and I teach every student their college success class. This initial relationship in the classroom gives me an advantage in the process of gaining trust.

What steps that we can utilize to continue to instill confidence after the initial trust is gained? Sometimes, I am at a loss here because the student feels overwhelmed.

Gaining a student's trust in the institution is different than instilling confidence in their ability to succeed. That's why we must work each day to re-enforce the dream and show them the progress that they are making toward improving their lives.

I agree Loren. I feel the student's trust in the institution was handled the day they enrolled, from that point on, it's our jobs as instructors to instill the confidence they need to complete the program. In gaining confidence, the trust of the institution stays intact within the student.

You must have that intial trust from the beginning or you will lose the potential student. Taking the time they need and not the time you need helps to open the door to trust and less stress on the student. Once you gain this talking over the challenges will come easier.