I really feel that teamwork plays a big roll in keeping the student interested and feeling comfortable and important themselves, along with keeping open communication with all employers; Admissions, Deans and Teachers or Instructors.

Teamwork certainly is important to good results. What does your school do to develop teamwork?

I feel that communication is one of the major keys to teamwork. We definitely obtain that and we also have wkly meetings to express our commmunication concerning any ongoing issues with the students, school, etc. It really helps.

I beleive that the best way to establish good quality teamwork is to have a great line of communication within your organization. From people at the front desk to the CEOs and owners and everyone in between. Everybody Counts!

Ernesto, can you share some communication methods that are particularly effective and encourage good quality teamwork?

I think that being a team, works in everyways in benefit of the students and staff.

Teamwork is the key to all success in the working environment. Each member of the team all play an important part in helping our students be successful. The team must communicate with each other when there is the possibility of a student dropping out. Everyone on the team must share information to all team members so each team member will know how to help. We do persistence meetings once a week and develop a plan for each student that is in danger of dropping.

How are you defining "team", Darlene? How are the teams formed? How often do they change - either members or students being served?

Teams, as we define it, would be program directors for all departments, admissions, student services, career services, and financial aid. Former students and employers serve of our Faculty Advisory Committees that meet twice a year. They change as needed.

I believe that a strong communication between all departments must be met to make our campus and our students standout above the rest.

Teamwork plays a very important role in any business. Being able to cultivate your environment to build on the same success builds a strong foundation.