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what is the correct thing to do?

Denise, I'm also looking for the "most effective" way to do it. Somebody has the answer to our question?

Miriam, YOU have the answer. You must develop a code of conduct for your classroom, communicate to the students, and provide a supporting environment that allows them to work to succeed.

Hello Denise and Miriam,
I am not sure there is ONE effective way to retention. Every student is different, even if their problem is the same one you just discussed with another student: absences, time mgmt, budgeting, test preparation.
I try to adapt my suggestions specifically to that student. They don't want a rote answer. I could just hand everyone a handout of community services. Or on that handout I could show the student the exact agency that may help them, look up the agency phone number, office hours, driving directions and then role play with the student what to say.

Role playing can be a very effective tool. Frequently, students don't have enough life experience to anticipate what will be required to get the help they need, but often they feel self conscious and uneasy about the practice.

Is this your experience and if so, how do you put them at ease and get them to participate?

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