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We are contiuously told about retention so this information is very welcome and I am willing to try any and all of it to keep our students in school.

Lots of great information for new instructors as well as seasoned instructors. A definite candidate for a 'required" course for all instructors.

I liked this course however, y classes are active already. I just needed some ideas on turning the lecture portion into something more fun and rememberable.

I completed ED 205 but found it lacking in my opinion. I thought there would be more about behavior and less about writing and computers.

I was hoping to learn a little more about the flow of a lesson plan but I guess that is too individualized the make a general process for all to follow. I teach the same classes all the time and I did find ways to 'jazz-up' my lesson plans so that was beneficial.

I think that  reliable and creative testing is essential to a good classroom experience. 

I think reviewing the student sevices at the start of each new term helps many of the students who may not have needed them in the past. As the stress of an increased course load catches up to them, they may become candidates for some of the services.

I feel I will be able to use most of the information in this module right away. We will be starting a new term soon and I can impliment the practices with my new students. Having a learning disability myself, I can lead by example. Kathy

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