serena cottrell

serena cottrell


i like cooking, gardening, reading. i belong to both a garden club and a book club. belong to handbell choir through church. i am also the proud owner of a pure bred pitbull who weighs 125 lbs.!


i have been a hospice volunteer so i am a good listener and counselor. i am also a parish caregiver.


Walking around can be energizing and stimulating. Students respond well.  I like to walk around a lot in a classroom, especially when working on a class exercise. Sometimes it give me a chance to pause by a student's desk who is "weaker" in a study and I can offer a bit of insight and then move on. If gives me a good idea where my students are individually and as a group and what I may have to do to "reteach" or "add to" material I have presented.

I too instruct at a career college and face students who come into the class with poor reading skills, no note-taking abilities and no real sense of direction. This is an accelerated program so it is up to me to figure out how to present the material required in a format that these students can grasp. Course 106 gave me some great insight.

While we are instructed to make learning fun or exciting to motivate I still cannot help but wonder why the tuition payments or the promise of a new career cannot be the motivating factor itself.

Good course. I liked how the types of instructors were broken down. Very interesting. Based on my students feedback I am the guide. I never knew it was a category but I always encourage students to develop thier skills to achieve what this field has.

This was difficult to download and I was not used to the format. It was different from previous Maxknowledge courses. That threw me off and I did not do as well as I had hoped. I could not keep focusses because it was take at least 2 mins for the pages to download and open.

Even though this seemed more geared to the newer instructor, I found (as a "seasoned" instructor) this be be a great refresher and reinforcement. I find myself fascinated by this stuff.

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